FPV Drones

For sure, racing quadcopters are the most widespread FPV drones.

In this category you can find the cheapest as well the best FPV quadcopters.

FPV drones. FPV racing quadcopters

First person view (FPV) quadcopters are equipped with wireless image transmission modules (VTX).

KINGKONG/LDARC ET MAX 185mm: The Big Brother

LDARC ET MAX 185mm FPV racing drone
Featuring 185mm wheelbase, the LDARC ET MAX is KINGKONG's biggest FPV racing drone with ducted blade protectors. It is probably the largest Whoop compatible with 4" propellers and 4S LIPO batteries.In a nutshell, the LDARC ET MAX 185mm follows the ET series design. It has identical frame structure, blade guards and white protective canopy.According to the advertised specs, the...

Coming soon: SPC Maker Mini Whale & Mini Whale HD 78mm

SPC Maker Mini Whale 78mm FPV drone
SPC Maker's latest Mini Whale drone is a well-made, compact and light FPV quadcopter with stunning specs. Featuring 78mm sized carbon fiber frame and Whoop alike blade protectors, it is just perfect for indoor practice.The SPC Maker Mini Whale 78mm is available in two variants. While the "Standard" edition comes with Runcam Robin 700TVL camera, the "HD" version features...

Holybro Pixhawk 4 Mini QAV250 DIY GPS FPV drone KIT

Holybro Pixhawk 4 Mini QAV250 drone KIT
After the popular Kopis 2 drone, HolyBro comes back with a new GPS enabled FPV drone DIY KIT. The Holybro Pixhawk 4 Mini QAV250 is available with two type of telemetry systems (433Mhz or 915Mhz). Both versions are offered in "basic" and "complete" kits. The main difference between the two package versions is the FPV system. While the "basic" does...

Coming soon: SKYSTARS RXT-X219 FPV drone

SKYSTARS RXT-X219 FPV racing drone
While the LED lights on the SkyStars RXT-X219 are mainly useless for the FPV pilots, they will make definitively more attractive the race for the audience. As you can see in the image bellow, the RXT-X219 FPV drone comes with 10 pieces of WS2812 RGB LEDs on each arm (5 on each side).As its name says, the SKYSTARS RXT-X219...

Coming soon: iFlight CineBee 75HD micro FPV drone

iFlight CineBee 75 HD fpv drone
Lately, a lot of micro burshless drones with on-board HD recording (aka CineWhoops) have been revealed. They pair the fun of flying with decent quality aerial filming. The newly announced iFlight CineBee 75HD drone claims to provide jello-free video recording and completely clean view (no props or guards visible in the FPV video feed).The excellent video performance is achieved...

TransTec Tiny Attack 66mm: Smallest brushless Whoop (yet)

Trans Tec Tiny Attack 66mm
Not long time ago it was unimaginable to find smaller brushless drones than similar specked brushed ones. Despite its small size, the TransTec Tiny Attack 66mm is equipped with powerful brushlesss motors and versatile F4 flight controller.During crashes, all the electronic parts (including the camera) are well protected by the canopy. In terms of color, you have 3 options:...

Coming soon: Eachine Tyro109 DIY FPV racing drone

Eachine Tyro109
As we have already been accustomed with Eachine's Tyro series, this new model is advertised for exactly what its product name says. While the Tyro79 is sold for $79, the Tyro99 for $99 and you can buy the Eachine Tyro109 for $109.The Eachine Tyro109 is the direct successor of the Tyro99, which was been for long time one of the best DIY racing...

Coming soon: Diatone 2019 GTR549 FPV racer

Diatone GTR549 FPV Drone
2019 comes with another new racing drone from Diatone, called GTR549. Based on a large 230mm carbon fiber frame, it is definitively for outdoor fun only.Like most of the actual drones, the Diatone 2019 GTR549 also features versatile F405 Mamba flight controller. At the end of each arm there is a Mamba MB2207 2650KV brush-less motor paired with a 5″ propeller.In front of...

Coming soon: URUAV UR85 & UR85HD BUSHIDO 85mm

URUAV UR85/UR85HD drones
URUAV recently announced two new 85mm sized micro brushless FPV drones called BUSHIDO UR85 and UR85HD. While the URUAV UR85 is equipped with a basic Caddx EOS2 camera, the UR85HD with a much versatile Caddx Turtle v2+ camera with DVR module. Another difference between these two Whoops is the motor type. The non "HD" edition has 0805 KV12000 motors and the HD one...

Coming soon: Gofly Scorpion 80

Gofly Scorpion 80 drone
After the BetaFPV Beta85X and Happymodel Mobula7, we are happy to introduce you another power Whoop called GoFly Scorpion 80. As you can guess from its name, it is built on an 80 mm sized frame.Like most of the breathless Whoops, the GoFly Scorpion 80 is powered by a 2s LiPo battery. According to your existing transmitter you can opt for DSMX,...

Spedix Rex FPV drone: 80mm sized Micro Brushless Whoop

Spedix Rex 80mm FPV drone
The Spedix Rex is an ultra compact and versatile Tiny Whoop alike micro brushless FPV drone. Equipped with brushless motors, it is suitable for both indoor and outdoor fun.According to your existing remote controller, you can opt to purchase the Spedix Rex 80mm quadcopter with DSMX, FlySky FS-RX2A or FrSky XM radio receiver.Instead of an AIO FPV camera, Spedix opted to...