Coming soon: FIMI Manta VTOL Fixed Wing

FIMI Manta

Yesterday, FIMI announced an upcoming VTOL on their official Facebook page, which will be their first fixed-wing drone. The release is scheduled for July 31st.

In a nutshell, a VTOL (Vertical Take-Off and Landing) fixed-wing aircraft is a type of UAV that can take off, hover, and land vertically like a helicopter or a multirotor drone, but also has the ability to transition into forward flight like a traditional fixed-wing airplane. This combination of capabilities allows VTOL fixed-wing aircraft to operate in confined spaces or areas without a conventional runway, making them versatile and useful for various applications.

The FIMI Manta wants to be a cheaper alternative to Jumper XiaKe80 and HEE WING T1-Ranger, which are one of the most popular Y3 VTOLs for hobbyists on a budget. FIMI will release the MANTA VTOL in two package options:

  • PNP-FC: 3x motors, 4x servos, propellers, flight controller, ESC, and GPS
  • Basic PNP: Just the motors, servos, and propellers

For real-time image transmission and onboard 4K recording, the FIMI Manta can be equipped with the DJI O3 Air Unit or other similar HD digital transmission systems.

FIMI’s first VTOL has a wingspan of 700mm and a max length of 445mm. Loaded with three 21700 type 5000mAh batteries has a take-off weight of 550 grams and a flight time of 85 minutes (at 12m/s).

Pricing and availability

Starting today, the FIMI VTOL can be ordered from Banggood. The PNP (no electronics) version is priced at $145, and the PNP-FC for $225. Both variants will additionally require a radio receiver, FPV system, and batteries. The expected order processing time is after 18 August.

FIMI Manta: Key features

  • Lightweight, high-density EPP material
  • Compact and portable design quick-detach wings (700mm wingspan)
  • Tiltrotor vertical take-off and landing
  • Perfectly compatible with ARDUPILOT open-source flight control ecosystems
  • 20A 3channel ESC
  • Durable metal gear servos and all-metal rocker arms
  • Caddx Vista and DJI O3 Air Unit compatible
  • Compatible with FIMI G21 Pro 3-axis gimbal camera
  • 2004-3000KV motors with 6026 two-blade propellers
  • Up to 85minutes of ultra-long battery life (3S1P\4S1P 18650 or 3S1P 21700 baterry bay)


  1. I love VTOLs. I recently tried a DIY drone, using HEQ’s drone: SWAN K1 PRO PNP with VTOL function, which also provides flight control and GPS, and it only sells for $499. I put my own GoPro camera in and used the HEQ battery. The flight time was about 50 minutes, and the shooting pictures were very stable.


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