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The Empire Strikes back with unmatched 1-inch 4K@240fps action camera

GoPro Hero 12

Shortly after DJI’s newest action camera’s official release (read more in our DJI Action 4 vs GoPro 11 comparison article), the GoPro 12 rumors started to swirl. The leaked photos by @Tech Insights Twitter account show a 1-inch image sensor, a game changer for the action camera market. Even though the social media account was created in 2015, it has only a few followers, so I am not sure that we can trust the integrity of the information distributed.

The rumors also indicate a sensor upgrade from its predecessor’s 27MP to at least a 33.2MP sensor that allows taking 8K videos (8,192 x 4,320). A bigger sensor would deliver a real boost in low-light performance, which has traditionally been one of the main downsides of most action cams that struggle in the absence of daylight. Anyway, this seems incredible as most actual GoPro’s has an overheating issue at 4K resolution that requires much less processing power. On the bottom of the huge rear screen, the OSD shows that the camera is set to record in 4K@240fps – which is double the maximum frame rate of the company’s current top camera.

According to some voices, the GoPro HERO 12 will be released on 15th September 2023. We expect that in the following days, more rumors should appear to confirm this date and also the amazing features that we all hope for from this new action cam.

Stay tuned for more GoPro 12 rumors!


  1. Its official, the GoPro 12 will be released on T‌h‌u‌r‌s‌d‌a‌y‌,‌ ‌S‌e‌p‌t‌e‌m‌b‌e‌r‌ ‌7‌t‌h‌


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