DJI AVATA Crash Compilation


Even though the DJI AVATA is only for one week on the market, there are already a lot of o crash videos with it. What’s even more surprising is how durable this little drone is, almost bulletproof, despite being made of plastic. The 360° CineWoop-style protection guard has excellent impact resistance. It takes all kinds of collisions without significant damage. When you pay $629 (579 €) just for the drone, it’s good to know that it survives minor crashes. For an extra $79, you can get DJI Care Refresh (1-Year Plan) that covers nastier accidents, including flyaways.

The AVATA can be controlled using DJI’s motion controller or the FPV remote controller 2, which looks like any traditional two-stick radio. When I tried for the first time a motion controller, I crashed the drone in less than 2 minutes. Maybe this approach is nice for smartphone car simulator games but in the real world, it is not too accurate and trustworthy.

In the video below Jeven Dovey roughly tested its Avata drone. It hit the ground, trees, and other kinds of obstacles. I don’t know whether these crashes were voluntary or accidental, but it is still a good demonstration of how durable this DJI drone is.

DJI AVATA Crash Compilation… How Durable is it?

Everyone crashes, so be prepared!

Even skilled FPV (and non-FPV) pilots have crashed from time to time. Things happen fast when you’re flying in first-person view mode, and sometimes it’s just inevitable that you’ll clip a branch or hit a wire and send your quadcopter spinning to the ground. In full manual mode, things are even more complicated and risky. Until you make a perfect power loop, your drone will hit the ground dozens of times. So it’s not like the DJI AVATA has hidden problems that cause crashes. It is highly recommended to practice and train yourself using computer simulators before you go out and start using your AVATA.

DJI AVATA FlyAway: Is it possible? Even with onboard GPS?

In the video below, Cameron New had a flyaway on its first flight with the AVATA. The phenomenon is at least worrying.

Let’s see more DJI AVATA crashes!


  1. I bought the Avata to get back into FPV, but with those many crash reports, I’m afraid to use it. I think I will wait for the next firmware release. Hope that DJI will fix all the issues.

  2. I consider myself an experienced drone operator, but FPV drones are way-different. The AVATA in manual mode is so easy to crash. Buy Care Refresh to save your investment


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