My favorite aerial video

This amazing aerial video, Dolphin Safari, captures with a quadcopter some breathtaking scenes with Dolphins and Whales off Dana Point and Maui.

Watch my favorite aerial video:

Watching this amazing aerial video, most of the people probably think if they could do the same things and what equipment they would need to make such aerial photographs and videos.

What do you need for professional aerial videos?

First of all, you need an amazing subject. It can be a wonderful city, a mountain, wild life animals or anything that will surprise not just you but many other people.

If you selected the subject, you will need some high tech gadgets like: a quadcopter, HD Camera (GoPro or DSLR), FPV system.

The quadcopter must be a professional grade like the Dji Phantom (or other clones like the Cheerson CX-20). Also, you will need a DJI Zenmuse H3-2D gimbal and a GoPro camera (if you want 4K video resolution you must go on the new GoPro Hero3+ Black edition).

Probably the entire system will cost you more than $1000 – $2000 and for this amount you will get only a beginner setup for aerial videos.



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