FrSky TWIN X-Lite & X Lite S transmitters

FrSky TWIN X Lite and Lite S

FrSky’s new TWIN X Lite series is a powerful radio system that simultaneously features dual 2.4G frequencies on the same receiver in TW mode. The TW active-active protocol is different from the general active-standby redundancy solutions. They have two 2.4Ghz internal RF antennas mounted to provide multi-directional and broader coverage for transmitting signals compared to a single antenna design. Taking advantage of these features, the TWIN system can provide less latency and higher reliability at a faster data rate with confidence.

The FrSky Twin X Lite series size and shape have been designed to make the radio compact, lightweight, and easy to carry. While the cheaper TWIN X Lite ($279.99) has a 3.5″ color touch-screen and 1GB internal memory, the more expensive TWIN X Lite-S ($339.99) has a 3.5″ high-brightness matte touch-screen and 4GB memory. Both versions feature 2x Momentary buttons, 2 x Sliders, and 4 x Switches.

In addition to the TW mode, TWIN X Lite S also supports ACCST D16, ACCESS, and ELRS 2.4G (Compatible) modes. Now, users can benefit from a wider range of compatible receiver options to choose from and bind to when building the drone.

The TWIN X-Lite S has an integrated 6-axis sensor that turns this FrSky transmitter into a motion-sensing controller to control the inputs of the drone during flight or use it to point a camera in the desired direction.

A 4000mAh Li-Po battery powers Frsky Twin X Lite and X Lite S transmitters. You can conveniently charge the battery through the Type-C port without removing it.

TWIN X-Lite S versus X-Lite comparison table

  Twin X Lite Twin X Lite S
Built-in dual 2.4GHz band internal RF module Yes Yes
High-Speed PARA Wireless training system Yes Yes
Lite-type external RF module bay Yes Yes
3.5″ color touch-screen Yes
3.5″ high-brightness matte touch-screen Yes
2 Momentary buttons & 2 Sliders & 4 Switches Yes Yes
6 Trims & 4 quick-mode custom buttons Yes Yes
CNC Metal gimbals with integrated high-precision hall sensor Yes
CNC Metal gimbals with integrated high-precision hall sensor with upgraded stick ends Yes
Built-in flash storage 1GB 4GB
Built-in 6-axis gyroscope sensor Yes
Haptic vibration alerts and voice speech outputs Yes Yes
Integrated 2S LI-ION charging system Yes Yes



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