JJRC H9D First Person View Quadcopter with HD camera

Just found this new 5.8Ghz FPV quad from JJRC. Today was listed on one of the biggest online store for only $99.99. Unfortunately they didn’t rumored anything about the flight range, FPV range or flight time.

The JJRC RC toy manufacturer recently launched many successful models and slowly becomes a familiar name in the world quadcopters.

To guaranty the quality of the live video feed they equipped the JJRC H9D with a HD camera, not some 0.3MP low quality camera like on other cheap FPV quadcopters.

The remote controller of the H9D quadcopter looks very attractive with that big color LCD screen on the top. Its purpose is not just for display control and settings parameter but also to receive live video feeds from the aircraft ‘s camera.

My oppinion is that those from the JJRC succeeded the year’s hit with this H9D FPV quadcopter. I tested their previous model, the H8C/F183, and the only thing missing was the first person view.

Rumored JJRC H9D specifications

  • Four channel remote controller with LCD screen;
  • Remote frequency 2.4GHz;
  • Integrated speed control;
  • 6-Axis Gyroscope;
  • 2.0MP HD camera for aerial videos and stills;
  • First person view;
  • Recommended for both indoor and outdoor flight;
  • Dimensions: 23 x 23 x 13 cm;
  • Weight: 450g.

JJRC H9D package includes

  • The quadcopter it self;
  • 2.4Ghz transmitter with FPV display;
  • 625mAh Li-Po battery;
  • Battery charger;
  • 4 pcs. of  extra propellers;
  • Screwdriver;
  • JJRC H9D user manual.

I will update this post immediately after I will get more details about the JJRC H9D quad.


  1. Yesterday, I tried to repair my H8D Quad. After my last crash i got two dead motors and the upper cockpit has cracked.
    Unfortunately, something went wrong because now when i connect the battery to the H9D’s receiver board it nothing happens, no lights, no response on the remote controller.

    RIP my JJCR H8D :(

  2. Just got my JJRC H9D quad and it has a problem. No live image on the FPV display.
    I tried the record function, but i only got corrupted 1024 bytes unusable files and can’t view them on my laptop.
    I think the problem could be the H9D’s camera, since the signal strength indicator works correctly.

  3. More low cost, only U$ 93 and camera 2Mp
    I doubt if any Syma X5c battery will be compatible, because the battery connectors of the H9D can be different.

  4. Does not look like the 2.0mp will be available until possibly end of January now… (based on Tmart details). 0.3mp should be out Dec 20th. I don’t know why they would fit with 2 different camera’s on the same H9D quadcopter for almost the same $$$. Hope to see one in at my doorstep sooner than later :)

  5. Thanks, just purchased my JJRC H9D in xmas gold :-P, I read somewhere that it wouldn’t be available for purchase until January(misinformation) that’s why I said that. Sorry and thanks for the correction.

    Happy flights

  6. Some updates on the JJRC H9D quad:
    Flight range: up to 100 meters
    Flight time: approximately 8 minutes

    The JJRC H9D will be available in two different colors: gray and Xmas Gold :)

  7. Any YouTube video with the H9D?
    No other quadcopter offers FPV with HD camera under $100.
    The JJRC H9D looks like the perfect Christmas gift!

  8. The FPV will operate over 2.4HHz radio and the remote control over 5.8Ghz?
    The gold edition of the JJRC H9D it looks amazing!

  9. WOW! This new quad looks amazing. I’m curious when will be available for purchase?
    Any news about the flight time and flight range?
    Can be controlled the JJRC H9D quadcopter with Wi-Fi devices (android or apple)?


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