RadioMaster T8 and T8 Pro transmitters

Photo of RadioMaster T8 Pro and T8 remote controllers

Similar to the Jumper T-Lite, the new RadioMaster T8 transmitter also features a game-controller style design and it is available with two types of RF modules. While the T8 Pro comes with CC2500 Multi-Protocol module and HALL Sensor gimbals, the cheaper T8 Lite with FrSky compatible single-chip RF module and potentiometer sensor gimbals. Another difference between these two remote controllers is that only the Pro has a modular LCD (128*64p). I think the RadioMaster T8 Pro worth the extra 15 bucks.

Both transmitters feature a built 3.7v 1000mah battery and integrated charging circuit. Through the USB Type-C port, you can use it with drone simulators. Through the micro SD slot, you can upload audio files for voice support.

Currently, the T8 Pro is RadioMaster’s most compact fully OpenTX supported radio controller. It has two shoulder switches on each side and supports up to 16 channels. Its status display can be conveniently folded and even removed.

RadioMaster T8 Pro vs T8 comparison

  RadioMaster T8 Lite RadioMaster T8 Pro
Gimbal type Potentiometer sensor gimbal HALL Sensor gimbal
Gimbal face ABS CNC
Switch nut Standard CNC
RF module 8/D16 FCC/LBT Full CC2500
Battery Builtin 3.7v 1000mah Builtin 3.7v 1000mah
USB charging Yes Yes
USB Simulator Yes Yes
Status LCD No Yes
SD card slot Yes Yes
Voice support Yes Yes
Firmware Pre-set OpenTX Full OpenTX
Binding Stick/Bind OpenTX
Max CH number 8 16
Price $54.99 $69.99




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