Cape Town aerial video taken with DJI Phantom drone

Cape town aerial video waken dji phantom quadcopter

Living in Cape Town, we are continually flawed by the beauty our city has to offer. As content creators and consumers ourselves we have seen our city captured from every angle there is. From FPV trail runs, to sweeping vistas captured from up high, it was hard to share the majesty of our city in a way we felt original.

Thus, instead of thinking epic, we thought small. Living in Cape Town is just fun and as a result what better way to depict our city than as the playground it is.

We have admired tilt shift videos for a while, but given only 24 hours to capture our video, we were daunted by the proposition of finding and gaining access to the buildings and looks-outs tilt shift videos are normally captured from. To solve this we turned to probably the greatest filmic problem solver to come out in my short career as a creator. The drone.

Cape Town aerial video

Using our DJI Phantom quadcopter we were able to capture angles and scenes we would have been unable to shoot using even the longest telescopic lenses. More then that, we were able to cover exponentially more locations in just one day.

All of this came together in a short video, which showcases the beauty of Cape Town in a way never shown before. There is something humbling about seeing the big city we live in as something small.

Submitted by Luke Bell


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