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Cheerson Cx-10 manual

Cheerson CX-10 user manual download page

You may think that, as the Cheerson CX-10 is probably one of the smallest quadcopter in the word and it’s just a toy, you don’t need a user manual.

Only if you read this instruction manual you will find how to switch between Junior, Intermediate and Advanced mode or how to make a 360 degree flips.

This user manual includes also some safety measurements regarding the usage of lithium batteries. The Cheerson CX-10 quadcopter is powered with a built-in 3.7V 100mAh Li-Po battery that allows you a up to 8 minutes flight.

Some interesting chapters from the CX-10 instruction manual

  • How to make basic flight movements with the CX-10;
  • Battery installation and charging;
  • The correct starting sequence (binding) of the Cheerson CX-10;
  • How to operate and control the CX-10 quad copter;
  • How to switch between flight modes, the CX-10 has 3 level of sensitivity (30%, 50% and 70%);
  • How to make 360 degree flips with the CX-10 quad;
  • Recalibrating the CX-10 gyroscope.

Cheerson Cx-10 User manual download

Happy flying with your Cheerason CX10 quadcopter!


  1. I’m a cx10 pro and just got 2 CX10WD TXs with a severely lacking manual. I have downloaded and installed the camera app but I can’t even get one paired to the remote. Can anyone list the basic pairing commands and sequences, then info on getting the camera working? Thank you.

  2. When I charge my cx-10 one of the motors will spen all by itself. I have made sure the controller is not on or anywhere close to the drone. Anyone have this issue?? Also after a few flights when I take off it sounds like the motors are pulsing on and off very quick. It makes it difficult to stay in flight or du stunts.
    Any advise??

  3. Bought a cx10wd. sweeeeeet little flyer but has one major drawback in my eyes.
    Can’t reverse rudder direction. I in my ignorance it seems learned to fly, stick left quad turns right. very hard to unlearn and all my more expensive quads can program this in but not the cx10-wd. pulled the tx apart and there are a few wires in there i would like to swap around to achieve this.
    Thought I would ask before destroying it in hopes someone has solved this issue?

  4. I got a cx-10wd today. It crashed and lost a propeller. I put a new one in but won’t take off, only the propellers spin. I changed the propeller and it moved but flipped over, so went back to the first order.
    Why won’t it take off? I’m pretty sure I have the right order, since the other order caused it to flip over.

  5. hi,
    I’ve just bought one of the 10c models I cannot take off it just flips over violently ive tried calibrating it and that dose nothing towards helping or hindering i dont know what to do anyone know what my problem is???

  6. Thank you for your efforts. I bought two of these CX-10 and they came with no instructions whatever. This has really helped me! Don’t listen to comments from idiots who can’t read. There is enough information there to be able to operate these things properly.
    Maybe after I’ve mastered it myself, I might have a go at rewriting the manual. You’d have to let me know how to get it to you.

  7. I had the same stalling/stopping of the motors after a few seconds of flight, this problem only started sfter I changed all the rotors for new ones…
    I found that releasing the pressure on the rotors from pressing down on the new ones when fitting them sorted out this problem. I just gently pussed up all the rotors very carefully not moving then at all on the motor shaft if you understand.. This has fixed the problem so far, maybe to much downward pressure aplied when pussing on the new rotors tweak a board connection somewhere who knows? The other problem I have is the usb charging cable flickers on and off red light when charging, I have to fiddle around with it to make the red light stay on.. Must say the rotor guard you can buy is a must for newbies, my cx-10 is 2 weeks old and has took many slams and crashes since this was my first go with a quad/drone..
    Hope this helps

  8. I just bought a CX-10C and one of the blade/ motors wont spin. It worked for about 30 seconds and now nothing. All of the other work fine. Ive gone thru the cycles a few times. still nothing.
    Can you help?

  9. Ours is flashing on the controller two flashes then pause its not communicationg at all with the copter yet yesterday it was fine. we changed batteries etc but nothing

  10. DIs. On my controller when you initially switch on, the left hand stick when centralised, engages a micro switch below it. Push the left hand stick down with your thumb, feeling a click which will give you the DI sounds. Each click of the micro switch increments the DI’s from one DI to three DI’s. At end of 3DI’ s, it returns on next click to 1DI.
    Right hand stick has a similar click switch as well. Not yet tried it with having switched controller on.
    Obviously easy enough to understand instructions to follow it’s use!!!!!
    A new challenge is needed to translate the User Instructions. I really like the guarantee clause.

  11. I needs English instructions for the camera model (CX-10C). I not in the mood for trial and error to figure that out. can you take a picture during video. How long is a video clip. Does video auto stop. If you not sure if button depressed how does one know if recording or not. Is it a complete guessing game. Video capable is cool. But this is very crude implementation. Granted cool for what it is. Plus gyro stabilization. Cheap fun!!

  12. The instructions in the manual are so badly translated as to be close to useless. I’d be very grateful if a kind volunteer could re-draft that manual into plain, grammatically correct English. Whoever you are, blessings will rain upon you :)

  13. I dont understand how to change the speed modes. It says
    “This model of mini quad-rotor can realize operating in 3 modes: Junior Level—Intermediate Level Advanced Level Gently press the throttle lever to enter into the setting mode: When hearing one sound of “di” sending out from the buzzer on the transmitter= the mini quad-rotor enters into the Junior Mode (sensitivity degree can reach 30%)”
    When do you “gently press the throttle lever” ? I’ve tried this when I switch it on, after pairing it with the copter, all storts and I dont get a di, di di, or di di di di. Its driving me di di di. If anyone has changed the speed mode can you provide me with how you did it ?

    • That’s exactly how it should work, you can cycle through the different flight modes by pressing the throttle stick. “Di” is beginner, “di di” is intermediate mode and “di di di” is advanced mode.
      You will notice that the CX-10 mini quad reacts more gently to the controls in beginner mode than in advanced mode.

    • You ever get this figured out? I was fooled too, but you have to actually press the throttle lever into the remote lightly until you hear a beep, two beeps, or three beeps; depending on how many times you press it.

    • Clearly the same problem that I have. If you release the throttle and floor it again, it works for another 1.2-1.3 seconds, and falls again. A whole play with 8 minutes with constant falling to the ground would destroy my copter, so I am searching for some thoubleshooting.

  14. Unfortunately the required screwdriver was not included in the packaging of the CX-10 mini quad.. Additionally, the instructions received do not tell you how to change the propellers. Can anyone help??
    Thank you!

  15. My soon took all of the blades off, then put them back on, but in wrong order. Please tell me the proper location for each blade otherwise he will break them trying to find the correct order.

  16. I too was confused with the mode 1 and 2, how do I know which mode controller I have ?
    I have asked this previously and have not received a reply. Please realise that if you dont give enough info people will bag your product!

    • Dennis, the I’m not the seller or manufacturer of the CX-10, I just try to help my readers…

      Left stick: Elevator/Rudder
      Right stick: Aileron/Throttle

      Left stick: Rudder/Throttle
      Right stick: Elevator/Aileron

  17. I have just received my CX10. I am a little confused with the directions which came with the model and those I downloaded on this website. Both seem identical.
    On page 2 it shows the remote with “left throttle” and has in brackets “mode 2″ and on page 3 shows the remote with”right throttle” and has in brackets “mode1”.
    I cant find instructions on how to enter mode 1 or 2.

    • Hi Dennis,
      Unfortunately you can’t change the remote controller mode, only the flight speed.
      There are two type of remote controllers (mode 1 and mode 2) that can be ordered together with the CX10 or can be purchased separately for $10.

  18. The manual doesn’t contain any info on flash light indicators. I was hoping for some kind of dictionary that explains the various flash patterns. What does it mean when it flash 3 times in a row with a pause then repeat. Or what does it mean when its just flashing continuously.


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