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Holybro Kopis Cinematic X8: Heavy-duty drone for professionals

Holybro Kopis Cinematic X8

Holybro’s new Kopis Cinematic X8 is a powerful and heavy-duty 7″ FPV drone designed for professional aerial video makers. With a full carbon fiber frame that provides a good shock absorption performance, Kopis Cinematic X8 offers a perfect platform with an adjustable installation angle available from 0 to 25 ° for both Mirrorless and Cinema cameras such as Comodo, Zcam-e2, Sony a7s3, and Panasonic S5.

With redundant configurations of ESC and motor supported, best performance and security are both ensured. It is compatible with both DJI FPV Air Unit and Caddx Vista Digital VTx system installation.

Two pieces of 5mm carbon fiber arms provide reliable structural support for the eight powerful T-Motor F90 KV1300 motors. Holybro recommends equipping their Cinematic X8 frame kit with the KAKUTE F7 HDV flight controller and Tekko32 ESC boards.

For best flight performance\flight time it is recommended of using 6S LIPO packs with 5000mAh capacity.

Kopis Cinematic X8 features and specs

  • Strong 396mm size carbon fiber frame (16mm wide x 10mm thick arms);
  • Camera platform shock absorption structure with 10 silicone damping balls;
  • Professional camera installation supported: Komodo, ZCAM, BMPCC, etc
  • Camera elevation adjustable between 0 ~ 25 °;
  • TPU bracket combined with 10 mm carbon fiber tube landing gears;
  • T-Motor F90 KV1300 Motors with Gemfan 7040 7 Inch 3-Blade Propellers;
  • Compatible with DJI Air Unit & Caddx Vista HD Digital System;
  • Compatible with multiple flight controller stack sizes (30.5×30.5mm & 20x20mm);
  • KAKUTE H7 FC and Tekko32 F4 4in1 45A/65A ESC recomanded;
  • Camera platform elevation: 0 ~ 25 ° Adjustable;
  • Frame weight: 640grams;
  • 6s/5000mAh LIPO battery recommended.



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