Mavic Mini vs FiMI X8 SE: Which is the Best option under 500?

DJI Mavic Mini vs Xiaomi Fimi X8SE

Xiaomi’s plans with the Fimi X8SE was to offer an affordable option for DJI’s Mavic series. Although it has less versatile features than DJI – its contender, the FIMI X8 SE shortly becomes one of the best camera drones under $500. The response from the king of drones came after one year through the super-compact Mavic Mini.

In the DJI Mavic Mini vs FIMI X8 SE, I will go through all the important aspects of each drone. At the end of the article, you will have all of your questions answered, at least I hope so. Anyway, the final decision is only yours!

If you are moving from the Phantom series to a foldable Mavic, you will be impressed with how much space you can save in your backpack. The Mini goes even further, it fits into your pocket if you want. By comparison, the Mavic Mini measures 140 × 82 × 57 mm and the FiMI X8SE a bit more 204 x 106 x 73 mm when they are folded. The huge difference comes when you put them on a scale. While the X8SE weighs 790 grams, the tiny MM 249 grams – which is just one gram below FAA’s actual registration requirements. Furthermore, DJI has an even lighter version of the Mavic Mini intended for the Japanese market which weighs only 199g.

Mavic Mini vs Fimi X8SE: In-Depth Comparison Guide

In the table below I will try to compare the most important specs of both foldable drones. I highlighted with red was the Mavic Mini excels and with green were the FiMI X8 shines.

  DJI Mavic Mini Xiaomi FIMI X8 SE
Size Folded: 140 × 82 × 57 mm
Unfolded: 160 × 202 × 55 mm
Folded: 204 x 106 x 73 mm
Unfolded: 287 x 247 x 96 mm
Weight 249 grams 790 grams
Camera 2.7K (2720×1530@30fps) 4K (3840×2160@30fps)
Max bit rate 40Mbps 100Mbps
Gimbal 3-axis 3-axis
FPV 720p 720P/1080P
Range 2Km for EC and 4Km for FCC 5Km
Lights 1 – on tail 4 – one under each motor
Intelligent flight modes Dronie, Rocket, Circle and Helix POI flight, Orbit and Drone
Active tracking No Yes
Obstacle avoidance No No
Geo fence Yes No
Max flight speed 13 m/s 18 m/s
Wind resistance  ≤28.8 kph ≤50 kph
Remote controller Standard, NO Screen Standard, NO Screen
Battery 2s/2400 mAh 3s/4500 mAh
Flight time 30 minutes 33 minutes
FAA registration No Yes
Regular price $399 order from DJI $499 order from BG


Let’s talk a bit about the camera rig of each quadcopter. While booth drones feature 3-axis gimbals and 1/2.3″ CMOS image sensor with 12M effective pixels, the FiMi has 4K video recording and the Mavic Mini only 2.7K. Real-time image transmission is made via the remote’s down-link. In both cases, you need to connect your mobile device (phone or tablet) to the transmitter using a USB/Lightning cable.

Battery life

While the FIMI X8 is powered by a high power LIPO pack (3s/4500mAh), the Mavic Mini by a small 2s/2400mAh battery. Despite the fact that there is more than twice the capacity difference, the MM manages to stay in the air almost the same as the X8SE. The raw manufacturer specs say that the MINI has 30 minutes of flight time and its rival 33 minutes.

Due to the smaller capacity battery, the Japanese version of the MiniMavic has about 18-19 minutes of airborne time (in optimal wind conditions).

DJI Mavic Mini and Fimi X8SE side by side

Bottom line

I hope I succeeded to give you a bit of an overview of what’s similar between Mavic MINI and FIMI X8SE and what’s different. Unfortunately, I had the chance to fly the FIMI X8 for only a few hours, while I keep the Mavic Mini with me every day since I received it. I’m even thinking to sell my old heavy Phantom.

To be honest, during my Mavic Mini review I found few limitations of this drone: if there is a strong wind, you should keep it safe in your backpack, and that it doesn’t have the range of its bigger brother.

Speaking of price, there is not much difference between these two drones. Actually, the Fly More Combo pack (3 batteries, 2-way charger, and case) of MM costs the same as its opponent. Time to time the FIMI X8SE is on sale and you can grab one for only $400 if you’re lucky.


  1. Despite that the FIMI X8SE has better hardware, its camera performance far behind any DJI drone including the Mavic Mini. DJI invest allot in software development, they came up almost every month with new firmware and APP version.

  2. Hola a todos, opinais que la calidad de video del fimi es mejor que la del Mini? No hablo de 4k o 2k, pregunto por la calidad de la cámara que trae cada dron.
    Otra duda que tengo, es verdad que el Mavic en zonas restringidas ni siquiera te deja volar por que la aplicación no lo permite?
    Muchas gracias.
    Hello everyone, do you think that the video quality of the fimi is better than that of the Mini? I don’t talk about 4k or 2k, I ask about the quality of the camera that each drone brings.
    Another question I have, is it true that the Mavic in restricted areas does not even let you fly because the application does not allow it?
    Thank you.

  3. After my FIMI crashed I switched to a Mavic Mini. I like its portability, but the image quality can’t be compared with the one came out from the X8SE

    • Hola Tara, crees que el fimi x8 tiene mejor calidad de video y foto que el dji mini? No se cual de los dos drones comprar. Muchas gracias
      Hi Tara, do you think the fimi x8 has better video and photo quality than the dji mini? I don’t know which of the two drones to buy. Thank you

    • I think the main reason is that the MINI is purchased mostly by newbie pilots. Most flyaways are due to pilot errors not faulty drones. Another factor is that the MINI is very lightweight and can be taken easily by strong wind.

  4. I’m after a new drone, but I’m not sure what quad to get, I am stuck between the FIMI X8 SE and the DJI MAVIC MINI. I am already registered with the FAA so weight could not be an issue…
    Please give me feedback on both.

  5. The 4K recording makes a huge difference, if you want pro quality, you should go with the FimiX8SE! the Mavic Mini is nice for traveling, but not for paid jobs!

  6. You need to decide what you actually need. A FAA compliance drone, or one with active tracking. The rest are about the same on these drones. I know the X8SE has 4K, but who actually shots in UHD? for most home videos the 2.7K of the MINI is just fine.

  7. Many reviews told biggest drawback mini to fimi x8se is active-track absence. Does this feature help a lot during taking footage? In my country fimi x8se 60bucks more expensive than mavic mini combo which come with 3 batteries, charge hub and bag

  8. You should make clear, that with FIMI you can fly everywhere you want and the DJI only where it is legally permitted. Also, while X8SE requires FAA registration, Mavic Mini not.

    • Yes Mavic does not need FAA registration for US and Canada! With only 249 grams they consider that is just a toy (at least for now).
      The FIMI is too heavy and dangerous to fly without registration…

  9. I placed my order for the Fimi after comparing the specs of the 2 and reviews, though have been mostly leaning towards the X8 for months since it came out. To me, the camera, stability, range, and functions are the selling points. I want portable, but not a tiny lightweight drone. I can see where having both of these would be great….FIMI X8 for more serious flying and shooting, Mavic Mini for ultra-portability.


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