Mirarobot S85 Micro FPV Racing quadcopter

MIRAROBOT S85 quadcopter

From the first look it is obvious that the Mirarobot S85 is a 1:1 copy of the Eachine M80S. The only visible difference is that the Mirarobot’s canopy is orange and the Eachine’s red.

Like its competitor, the Mirarobot S85 is also equipped with powerful 8020 brushed motors and 4-leaf propellers. In front of the aircraft is located a 600TVL FPV camera. The real-time image transmission is achieved by using a 25mW VTX.

In addition to the Acto and Angle flight modes, the S85 Mirarobot also features Barometric mode (alt-hod). This fully stabilized flight mode is extremely helpful for newbie pilots.

MIRAROBOT S85 flight modes

According to the manufacturer’s specs, the 500mAh battery allows up to 8 minutes of play time.

Mirarobot S85 core features and technical specs

  • Tiny Whoop alike design with protective canopy;
  • Multiple flight modes (Acro, Angle and Alt-hold);
  • Anti-turtle mode (one key to flip);
  • Powerful 8020 coreless motors;
  • 600TVL camera with 120 degree field of view;
  • 5.8G real-time image transmission;
  • Status LED light;
  • Available with 3 different of radio receivers (FlySky, FrSky and DSM2);
  • Up to 8 minutes of flight time.

Like other cheap Tiny Whoop alternatives, the Mirarobot S85 is also available with 3 types of radio receiver. According to your existing transmitter you can opt for a FlySky, FrSky or DSM2 receiver. If you are a totally newbie, without a remote controller you can opt to purchase the S85 drone in bundle with a nice game-pad style RC.

Mirarobot S85 RTF package content

  • 2.4G remote controller;
  • 500 mAh flight battery;
  • USB charger;
  • 1 set of spare propellers;
  • User manual.



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