Realacc 021 DIY mini quadcopter: Learn to build and fly

Realacc 021 DIY drone

Realacc 021 Lego alike, building bricks mini drone

Lately I wrote about many building bricks drones but this Realacc 021 will be actually the first one that I personally build, review and test. I just placed my order and I’m waiting for it :)

As I previously mentioned, the fact that a quadcopter comes in parts should not scare you. Especially that we are talking about Lego alike building bricks. I think we all grew up with these type of creative toys.

These days, building your own flying machine is not a rocket science anymore. Parts are cheap and easy to find for everyone.

Roughly, a basic quadcopter drone  like this Realacc 021 has 4 main parts: airframe, flight controller, radio receiver, propulsion system (motors and propellers) and power source (battery). Additionally you will need a transmitter that allows you to remotely control the aircraft’s flight movements.

Realacc 021 DIY drone highlights

  • Easy to build and affordable DIY drone kit;
  • Safe for indoor flights;
  • Frontal LED light;
  • 6-axis gyro stabilization;
  • Up to 5 minutes play time.

The included transmitter is small and very bulky, which is not surprising for such a cheap RC toy. No status LCD on front panel, just trimming buttons and power switch.

Realacc 021 package content / Main parts

  • Flight controller with integrated receiver;
  • 1 set of spare propellers (2 x black and 2 x red);
  • 3.7V 300mA Li-Po battery;
  • USB battery charger;
  • 4 pieces of brick arms with mounded motors and propellers (2xCW and 2xCCW);
  • Set of “Lego” alike construction bricks;
  • Transparent windscreen;
  • User manual.


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