Flying 3D X6

Flying 3D X6 cheapest GPS quadcopter

If you want to move from toy graded quadcopters to something more versatile but your budget is limited, the Flying 3D X6 will be probably the first option. This quadcopter is the only GPS model under $200.

The size of this Flying3D X6 is visibly smaller then its bigger brother Flying 3D X8 and also has a shorter flight time. The short flight time is, probably, because the quadcopter is loaded only with a 7.4V 2S 1000mAh Li-Po battery.

This quadcopter can be purchased with two different transmitters. The cheapest one is the basic Flying3D FY-Q6 but, if you want OSD on your remote controller, you must choose the Flying 3D FY-Q7.

Flying 3D X6 has a very good wind resistance and, through the high precision GPS, can provide extremely stable fixed-point hovering. The auto-return function of this quadcopter will protect your investment against fly away in case of signal loss.

This quadcopter is well equipped, you can find in the package everything you will need for your first flight. The user manual that is also included in the package will help you understand the quadcopter’s features and how you can fly your Flying3D X6.

Flying 3D X6 rumored specs

  • Onboard GPS;
  • Failsafe operation, return to home and safe landing (in case of low battery or signal loss);
  • One key return to home (staring position);
  • Automatic course control,  direction lock/ headless function;
  • Intelligent flight mode;
  • Strong wind resistance;
  • GPS guided stable hovering;
  • Hover Accuracy: ±0.2m/s
  • Stable mode with GPS and altitude hold;
  • Remote controller frequency : 2.4Ghz;
  • Flight time: up to 15 minutes;
  • Max flight speed with GPS Mode: 5 meter/second;
  • Stated Mode: 10m/s;
  • Battery for quadcopter: 2s 7.4V 1000mAh 20C Li-Po;
  • Diagonal Length: 235mm;
  • Weight: 400g (with propellers and battery);
  • Take-Off Weight: 650g;

Flying 3D X6 package includes:

  • X6 6 Axis GPS RTF Quadcopter;
  • Remote controller (two available models);
  • 7.4v 1000mAh 2s Li-Po Battery;
  • Charging Cable;
  • Battery charger;
  • User Manual

Looking on the number of sales of the Flying 3D X6 quadcopter, it’s no wonder that it gained great popularity among the pilots.


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