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Lately Attop become a well know toy quadcopter brand thanks to their good prices. For 2019 they announced two new models, Wolvy I and Wolvy II. The W Pro will have 4K camera and GPS positioning system.

Attop drones. Attop Quadcopters

Latest Attop drone models and review of the best Attop quadcopters.

ATTOP Wolvy GPS camera drone: Features & Specs

After several toy grade drones, ATTOP finally came up with a nice GPS enabled brushless drone. The ATTOP Wolvy is equipped with a removable 1080P camera with 1-axis gimbal. In order to reduce the jello effect, the camera mount has 4 pieces of vibration reduction damping balls.Like the JJRC X7 Smart, the ATTOP W quadcotper also features remote camera angle...

Attop XT-3, a ultra cheap foldable pocket selfie drone

Attop XT-3 selfie drone quadcopter
At first look, the Attop XT-3 is a good starter drone. It is affordable, portable and has lots of the features that you’d like to see in a beginner quadcopter. It has alt-hold which keeps autonomously the flight altitude at the desired level. With headless mode enabled, newbies should not have to worry about the orientation of the aircraft. While...

Attop XT-1, a Mavic clone for less than $60

Attop XT-1 drone quadcopter
After the Eachine E58 and VISUO XS809HW, another Mavic clone was revealed. The Attop XT-1 quadcopter follows similar foldable design as the much expensive DJI drone.Thanks to the barometric air-pressure sensor, the Attop XT-1 drone is capable to autonomously maintain its flight altitude at the desired level. Headless mode is another feature that makes it easier for beginners to fly.In front...