Blade Torrent 110 FPV the Brushless Whoop

Blade Torrent 110 micro drone quadcopter

Blade Torrent 110 – Micro brushless quadcopter with ducted propellers 

It seems that the “Whoop Mania” is invading also the brushless word. Blade recently announced their first Tiny Whoop alike brushless mini quad called Torrent 110 FPV.

The Blade Torrent 110 is a powerful and versatile micro FPV racer that is ideal for outdoor flights as well as for indoor ones. The ducted protectors will prevent damaging or hurting anything.

Thanks to the Betaflight compatible F3 flight controller you have the freedom to fine-tune the flight characteristics according to your personal needs.

You have also the freedom to opt for a 2s or 3s Li-Po battery (indoor vs outdoor usage). The recommended capacity for 2s is 800-850mAh and for 3s is 450mAh.

Main features of the Blade Torrent 110 FPV

  • High torque 1104 7600Kv brushless motors;
  • 20x20mm 4-in-1 brushless ESC;
  • 3S capable power system that makes this micro drone ideal for outdoor racing;
  • Ideal for indoor flights with 2s Li-Po (more gentle / less powerful);
  • 2mm unibody carbon fiber frame;
  • Powerful 5.8G 150mW video transmitter system;
  • 600TVL wide angle FPV camera (120 degree FOV) with angle adjustment;
  • Ducted prop guards;
  • 3-blade propellers;
  • Telemetry receiver;
  • Low battery voltage protection (LVC);
  • BetaFlight Configurable (You can fine tune the flight characteristics).

I’m seriously thinking to purchase one in order to review this Blade Torrent 110 but I don’t know if I can replace the Spektrum radio receiver with a FlySky or FrsSy one.

What’s Included / Main parts

  • 110mm frame kit;
  • Spektrum Quad Race Serial Receiver;
  • Spektrum Micro F3 Flight Controller;
  • Blade 7600kV Brushless Motors & ESC
  • Spektrum 150mW Video Transmitter;
  • Spektrum FPV 600TVL Camera;
  • User Manual.

In addition to the included parts you will need the following accessories:

  • 6 and up channels DSM2/DSMX transmitter;
  • Flight battery:
    – 2s Li-Po (800-850mAh) equipped with JST connector for indoor;
    – 3s Li-Po (450mAh) equipped with JST connector for outdoor flights;
  • Compatible battery charger;
  • Optional FPV monitor or FPV goggles.


  1. any news on this micro brushless drone? I’m thinking to order one during this Black Friday / Cyber Monday. Hope to get a good price for it.
    Anyone test the Blade Torrent 110 with 3s Li-Po battery? It should be much faster.

  2. I want to order one! It is available in Europe?
    Can I use the Blade Torrent 110 with 4s Li-Po or only 2 and 3s ones are supported?

  3. It looks fun! I will probably order one, but I have two questions firs:
    – Do you think a buzzer could be added to the Blade Torrent 110?
    – what’s the flight time with 3s Li-Po?



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