Eachine TriangleD 5.8G VTX: Up to 400mW & DVR

Eachine TriangleD FPV transmitter

Eachine’s TriangleD 5.8G video transmitter is specially designed for compact Tiny Whoop style FPV racing drones. As its name says, it has unique triangle shape. Another interesting feature of the TriangleD VTX is the built-in DVR (video recorder).

The Eachine TriangleD measures 29 x 29 x 40mm and weights just 3.5 gram without antenna. Thanks to the standard IPX antenna plug, it can be used various type of 5.8G antennas.

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It has two rows of 8 status LEDs each. While the 8 blue LEDs (CH1-8) indicates the selected channel, the 5 green LEDs the actual transmission band. You have also 3 red LEDs as power level indicator.

The “S1” button (near the IPX plug) allows to start/stop video recording. The 1280×720 footage are automatically divided into 10 min sequences.

Eachine TriangleD features & specs

  • Triangle form factor;
  • 5.8G transmission frequency;
  • 40 channels (Band A, b, E, F and r);
  • Switchable power (25mW/100mW/200mW/400mW);
  • Low power Pit Mode (0.01mW);
  • Built-in DVR (1280 x 720);
  • Support Smart Audio;
  • Status LED row;
  • IPX antenna plug;
  • Size of 29 x 29 x 40mm (25.5 stackable holes);
  • Weight of 3.5 grams.

Eachine TriangleD box content

  • TriangleD shape FPV Transmitter;
  • 3 types of servo cables;
  • 5.8G antenna;
  • Mounting accessories;
  • Instruction manual.


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