GOFLY-RC Falcon CP90: Durable FPV drone for beginners

GOFLY-RC Falcon CP90 FPV quadcopter

Advertised for about 150 bucks, the GOFLY-RC Falcon CP90 is certainly not the cheapest mini brushless drone – especially that it comes in PNP package. But lets see what you get for your money.

When it comes to racing quadcopters, crashes are inevitable. In order to reduce the possible damages, the frame is made from carbon fiber and the electronic parts (FC, ESC, VTX, and camera ) are protected by a plastic canopy. Propellers and motors are protected as well.

OFLY-RC Falcon CP90 is build around the F3 flight controller, which in my opinion is a bit outdated taken into consideration that the F4 is already used on the latest FPV drones.

The 700TVL camera is located on top of the aircraft and it is paired with a 25mW 5.8G VTX module. 

GOFLY-RC Falcon CP90 features and specs

  • Durable 95 mm sized carbon fiber frame;
  • Crash-proof design with propeller protectors and protective canopy;
  • F3 flight controller with betaflight OSD;
  • Powerful 1104 7500KV brushless motors
  • 4 in 1 BLheli_S 20A ESC with integrated 5v BEC;
  • 700TVL camera for first person view flights;
  • 5.8G, 25mW real-time image transmission;
  • Compatible with 2s and 3s Li-Po batteries;
  • Programmable navigation LED lights;
  • Compatible with DSMX, DSM2, PPM and SBUS radio systems.

As I previously mentioned, the Falcon CP90 is sold in PNP package, which means that you need to bring your own flight battery and radio system (RX and TX).

GOFLY-RC Falcon CP90 main parts

  • 95 mm carbon fiber frame with propeller protectors;
  • Protective canopy;
  • Omnibus F3 flight controller;
  • 4 in 1 BLheli_S 20A brush-less ESC;
  • 4 pieces of 7500KV brushless motors;
  • 700 TVL CMOS 1/4″ camera;
  • 5.8G, 25mW, 48CH VTX;
  • 5-blade and 3-blade propellers (2 x CW and 2 x CCW).

Gofly-RC Falcon CP90PRO, Upgraded version of CP90

Following the success of the first edition, Gofly-RC recently announced an upgraded version called CP90PRO. While it uses the same F3 flight controller it is equipped with a better camera, the RunCam NANO 650TVL.

Unlike its fully black predecessor, the Falcon CP90Pro is available in 4 different colors (red, orange, blue and purple). 

Last update on 11/29/2017


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