Inside the JJRC H8C transmitter

Looking inside of the JJRC H8C remote controller

Today I opened my JJRC H8C 2.4Ghz remote controller to find out how I can improve it. The default control range is around 80 meters and I want to extend this range adding a true 6db 2.4Ghz antenna.

It was very easy to open the transmitter. I used the screwdriver that comes in the package with the JJRC H8C quadcopter. Inside is surprisingly well built for a $10 remote controller.


I had a few flights with my H8C and I’m still satisfied with the flight range. But the cold winter comes and keeps pilots at home, so what else we can do then all the required maintenance and eventually some improvements to our aircrafts.

One of the RCGroups forum member already did this range hack to it’s H8C stock transmitter. He also added a 1000mAh Li-Po battery that increased significantly the flight time. He got 14 minutes of flight time with his quadcopter.

I think it’s very easy to make this range hack. I will need just a few tools and the Wi-Fi antenna that I can remove from an old wifi router. Anyhow, I will probably order a new one from eBay.

After I got my Wi-Fi antenna and make the mod, I will come back with a step-by-step article about this transmitter range hack.

Images inside the H8C transmitter

By the way, I already made something similar to my Syma X5C and it was a success. The flight range was increased with ~30%. You can read about this range hack here


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