Walkera F210 racing quadcopter

Walkera F210 racing quadcopter

Walkera F210 mini racer with FPV camera

After the Runner 250 and Furious 320, now Walkera Technology came up with a smaller racing model, the Walkera F210.

In the past, most of the racing quadcopters where build around a 250 mm airframe, but recently appeared on the market many new models with different sizes and shapes.

Compared to its bigger brother, this newly announced Walkera F210 quadcopter has a more athletic design. In order to have a more aerodynamic shape, the manufacturer decided to give up on the possibility of installing a secondary camera.

In the front of the aircraft, under the 700TVL camera protector, there is a bright head-light which grants a completely new look to this small racer quad.

Although it has the size of only 182 x 182 mm, this F210 racer is powered with a high voltage 4s Li-Po battery.

Paired with the Devo 7 transmitter, the control range is about 1 km in open field.

For those who are interested, this racing quadcopter can be ordered from HobbyWOW here. BTW, according to your local regulations you can opt between the two type of 5.8GHz real-time video transmitters (25 mW and 200 mW).

Walkera F210 main parts

  • Airframe;
  • FCS-F210 (F3)  flight controller;
  • F210 OSD telemetry module;
  • TX5825 (FCC – 200mW) or TX5824 (CE – 25mW) 5.88GHz FPV;
  • 5.8GHz mushroom antenna;
  • WK-WS-25-014A KV2500 brushless motors (2CW and 2CWW);
  • F210 (CW/CWW) brushless ESC;
  • 120 degree 700TVL camera;

Walkera F210 features and specs

  • Small size racing quadcopter;
  • Modular design;
  • SP Racing F3 flight controller;
  • Robust construction;
  • Powerful brushless motors;
  • Night vision 700TVL camera;
  • Freely adjustable lens angle;
  • About 1km control range;
  • Up to 9 minutes flight time.
Included with the Walkera F210
  • Devo7 transmitter;
  • 4s 14.8V 1300mAh Li-PO battery (40C);
  • GA009 balance charger;
  • AC-DC power adapter;
  • Walkera F210 user manual.

Updates 24.04.2016

Upgraded version with inverted flight mode was just enounced. The new Walkera F210 3D Edition features the FCS-F210 flight controller with F3D flight mode.

The OSD module of the F210 3D was also upgraded in order to get more information during flight.



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