Autel EVO Nano+ vs DJI MINI 2: In-depth comparison

Autel EVO Nano vs DJI MINI 2

If you are looking for the best drone under 250 grams, these two drones are the most versatile ones in their weight segment. But which quadcopter is the best bang for your buck? Hope that our Autel EVO Nano+ versus DJI MINI 2 comparison article will give you the right answer!

The most important advantage of the Autel EVO Nano series over the DJI MINI series is the obstacle avoidance system. Despite that both drones weigh just 249g, Autel has managed to squeeze in an advanced three-way collision avoidance system in their new EVO Nano series.

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Autel Robotics EVO Nano Plus versus DJI Mavic MINI 2

I compared the most important specs of these two sub 250g drones in the table below. I highlighted blue where the DJI MINI 2 excels and red where the EVO Nano+ wins.

  DJI MINI 2 Autel EVO Nano+
Size 138×81×58mm 142×94×55mm
Weight 249 grams 249 grams
Gimbal 3-axis 3-axis
Image sensor 1/2.3″ 1/1.28″
Megapixel 12MP 50MP
Aperture f2.8 f1.9
Max Video resolution 4K@30fps 4K@30fps
Max bit rate 100Mbps 100Mbps
Photo mode RAW + JPG DNG + JPG
Digital Zoom 4x 16x
FPV Up to 1080p Up to 2.7k
Communication OcuSync 2.0 SkyLink
Range 10KM FCC or 6KM CE 10KM
Wind resistance Level 5 Level 5
Max flight speed 16m/s 15m/s
Smart flight modes Drone, Helix, Rocket, Circle, Boomerang Rocket, Fade Away, Orbit, Flick
Obstacle avoidance No Yes, Front/Back/Down
Internal Memory No No
Battery 2s/2250mAh 2s/2250mAh
Flight time 31 minutes 28 minutes
FAA registration No No
Color options White White, Gray, Orange, or Red
Extended warranty Yes, DJI Care refresh Yes, Autel Robotics Care
Release year 2020 2021/2022
Price (standard/combo) $449/599 $799/$949


Both drones are equipped with a 4K@30fps camera installed on a 3-axis gimbal that promises to capture stunning videos. While the MINI 2 has a 1/2.3″ CMOS sensor, the Nano Plus has a 1/1.28″ one. The larger image sensor usually means better low light performance. Another important difference between these drones is the photo resolution. The 50MP image resolution of the Autel Nano+ is over quadruple the resolution of the DJI Mini 2’s 12MP resolution.

Similar to DJI’s QuickShoot creative video modes, the Autel EVO Nano series also features a wide set of intelligent flight modes such as Rocket, Fade Away, Orbit, and Flick.


When I consider purchasing a new drone, probably the most important thing to consider is its price. Everything should start with your budget, as the best drone for you is the drone you can afford.

While the MINI 2 is priced at $449, the EVO Nano+ for $799. Both DJI and Autel Robotics have their own ‘Fly more combo‘ respectively ‘Premium bundle‘ deals for those looking for extended flight time and additional accessories.

When you invest about 500 bucks into a flying machine, it is recommended to consider some insurance. For one year of DJI Care Refresh, you will need to pay $49, and one year of Autel Robotics Care will cost you $79. This is about 10% of the standard kit in the case of both drones.

Autel EVO Nano Plus vs DJI MINI 2: Conclusions

Whichever of these two drones you choose, you will make a great deal. Both come with a 4K@30fps camera and weighs less than 250g (.55lbs), allowing you to fly legally in most countries without special registration.

While the MINI 2 comes with a more friendly price tag, the ZINO MINI Pro packs a lot more features. You will need to decide whether you need a more affordable drone or one with top specifications.

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  1. Autel drones doesn’t have NFZ (no fly zones), so you will be able to fly where DJI drones are grounded. Of course at your own risk!


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