C-fly Faith 2 Pro: Affordable Mavic Air 2 alternative

Photo of C-Fly Faith 2Pro

At first look the C-fly Faith 2 Pro looks like an affordable Mavic Air 2 alternative. Similar to DJI’s drone, it features a foldable design, 4K camera, creative QuickShot modes, and more than 30 minutes of flight time. I need to underline that, based on my experience, usually ‘Affordable alternative‘ means something less performant than the original product.

C-fly Faith 2 Pro’s 4K camera is installed on a 3-axis mechanical gimbal and it is capable to record UHD videos with up to 30 fps. The camera can take memory cards with a capacity of up to 128GB. Faith 2 Pro is also capable to take 20MP still photos.

Thanks to the fail-safe RTH feature, in case of signal loss or low flight battery voltage, the aircraft will return autonomously to the take-off point.

As you can see in the image below, the second-generation Faith drone has a more attractive folding design. C-fly will release the Faith 2 Pro in white, orange, and white colors.

Folding design of Faith2 Pro drone

Price and availability

Despite that, the C-fly Faith 2 Pro is a very versatile drone with lots of cool functionalities it can be ordered from only a few retailers. While the basic version with one flight battery can be ordered from RCGoing for $365.99, the fly more combo edition with 3 batteries for $458.99. Both variants include a charging cable, charging adapter, 1 pair of spare propellers, and a handbag. You can choose from Black, Blue, or Orange colors. Update – Price drop alert: With one battery $310.99 and with 3 batteries $399.

C-fly Faith 2 Pro features and specs

  • Cool foldable design with brushless motors;
  • GPS positioning;
  • 3 color options (white, blue, and orange);
  • 4K camera with 1/3″ CMOS SONY image sensor
  • 3-axis gimbal stabilization;
  • UHD@30fps video recording;
  • 20MP, 5120 x 3840 photo resolution;
  • Follow Me Mode;
  • Smart video modes (Dronie, Helix, Rocket, and Circle);
  • About 5KM control range;
  • 35min of battery life.

Video review by Captain Drone

Box content

  • Faith 2 Pro drone
  • Remote controller;
  • 1 Set of spare propellers;
  • USB cable;
  • Flight battery;
  • Battery charger;
  • Handbag.Box content

Last updated 14 January 2021


  1. DenisB have you owned or compared a faith 2 drone in a comparison with the Mavic?
    Or is this just your opinion based on the space between your ears?

    • I have both Mavic Air 2 and Faith 2 Pro. His analysis is right. The Mavic outperforms the Faith 2 in almost every test. The video is superior on the Mavic Air 2 but the still shots, without filters, would have to go to the Faith 2. I’ve been impressed with its performance for the price but as far as flying performance goes the DJI drone is better. Also, I find the WiFi binding to the remote a pain in the a-hole. It greatly slows down launching the drone compared to the plugin remote method of the Mavic Air 2.

  2. Within this month a lot of videos concerning new C-Fly Faith 2 was already uploaded to YouTube. You can find them very quickly. I already did some flights in our cold winter weather and I am really very satisfied with the quality of captured 4K videos.

  3. Alguien me puede decir si este equipo permite realizar ortofotos para fotogrametria?
    Can someone tell me if this equipment allows orthophotos for photogrammetry?

    • Rapaz, tô doido pra ver imagens deste drone aqui no Brasil. Vc tem canal no Youtube?
      Boy, I’m so sorry to see pictures of this drone here in Brazil. Do you have a channel on Youtube?

  4. Has anyone already had it in their hands? Aside from some YouTubers
    I ordered two weeks ago. And my order is still being “processing”…

    • Hello Paul. Have you tried going to your phones settings / wifi / on the list, your looking for the link that says Ground (with some numbers behind it). Link with that. You might have to turn everything off and on a few times to get it to work. With most other drones you just plug in a cable but with the Faith 2 you have to join the (Ground XXXXXX) link. Same as if you were joining your phone to any wifi network. Hope this helps.

    • Hola me dio problemas al principio de conexión.Despues de volverlo a conectar me sigue pasando lo mismo no se conecta.Estoy desesperado
      Hello, it gave me problems at the beginning of the connection, after reconnecting it, the same thing continues to happen, it does not connect, I’m desperate

  5. I already ordered this drone after several emails with Tracy – Global Marketing Director of C-Fly. I promised her to create several tutorials and promotional videos for potential users in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. These videos will be created both in Czech and English language. Two years ago I ordered both FIMI A3 and FIMI X8 SE. And so now I would like to try the new C-Fly Faith 2, because I am sure, that this drone could be very good and competitive. After I get it, you find my videos on my YouTube channel.

    • Did you receive your C-fly Faith 2 Pro? How does it fly? What about the camera?
      In case you want to share here your in-depth Faith 2 Pro review, just drop me an email!

      • I already did the first flight during late afternoon yesterday. It flew well as my other drones. Now I have to wait for better weather to capture some videos and pictures.

        • For that price, you’re better off with a Mavic Mini.
          Having already two iterations of the first model I can say that there’s no comparison with a premium product like the Mavic. This is just a cheaper attempt to copy it, hardly worth the trouble. The advertised smart modes will be just that: advertised


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