XLURC L106 Pro: Mavic Air 2 alternative under $150

Photo of XLURC L106 Pro drone

To be honest I was a bit clickbait saying that this XLURC L106 Pro is a Mavic Air 2 alternative. Excepting a similar folding design, it is far behind DJI’s drone in almost every aspect. While the Air 2 has a range of 10Km, the XLURC L106 Pro less than 1Km. Flight time is also 5 minutes shorter. But, the most significant difference is that the XLURC does not have an advanced collision avoidance system like DJI.

In addition to the frontal UHD camera, there is a 1080P camera on the bottom of the drone which serves as an optical flow sensor (OFP). In order to allow super smooth aerial footage, the electronic image stabilization (EIS) is paired with 3-axis mechanical stabilization.

Thanks to the fail-safe return to home (RTH) function, in case of remote controller signal loss or low flight battery voltage, the drone will return autonomously to the take-off point.

XLURC L106 Pro features and specs

  • Mavic Air 2 like folding design;
  • 1806 brushless motors;
  • GPS positioning system;
  • Optical flow positioning mode (1080P bottom camera);
  • EIS UHD camera (advertised as 6K and 8K);
  • 3-axis gimbal stabilization and 50x digital zoom;
  • 5Ghz WIFI real-time image transmission;
  • Beginner mode (max 30meters altitude and 100meters range);
  • Intelligent flight modes (Orbit, Smart follow, and Waypoint flight);
  • Failsafe Return to Home;
  • About 28 minutes of battery life;
  • 800 meters control distance (300m max altitude).

Its modular 2S/3500mAh battery allows up to 28 minutes of flight battery. The battery has 4 charging level indicators and a micro USB charging port. I may be wrong but the ZLL SG906 MAX uses the same LIPO pack.

Product images

Unfolded size
Unfolded dimensions
Folded size
Folded size
Remote controller
Remote controller
3-axis gimbal
3-axis gimbal
Stabilization (GPS+OFP)
Stabilization (GPS+OFP)
Smart follow
Smart follow


  1. Ho acquistato lyz rc l 106 pro e sopra la camera gimbal c è una fettuccina in plastica nera alta 4/5 mm che si incurva verso l interno, è da togliere o serve a far inclinare la video camera ?
    I bought lyzrc l106 pro and above the gimbal camera there is a 4/5 mm high black plastic ribbon that bends inwards, is it to be removed or is it used to tilt the video camera?


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