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Headless flying. After this features is activated no need to worry about the position of the quad-copter. List of quadcopter with headless flight mode.

MJX X101 quadcopter

MJX X101 big quadcopter

MJX X101 first person view quadcopter Initially I started my journey with small and mid sized quad copters because they was affordable and bigger doesn't necessary means...
Tarantula X6

Tarantula X6 quadcopter review

YiZhan Tarantula X6 - big toy for big boys I got this new quadcopter last Friday but only today I had the time and the...
Syma X13 quadcopter

Syma X13 Miracle review

 Syma X13 Miracle mini quadcopter I started my journey in the world of quadcopters with probably the most successful Syma model, the X5C. At that...
Syma X8W Explorers

Syma X8W WIFI quad

Syma just released another promising multi-rotor model, the X8W WIFI headless quadcopter. Actually, the X8W is the WIFI version of the X8C Ventura. The...
JJRC H8D quadcopter

JJRC H8D headless FPV quad

JJRC H8D - First person view quadcopter From an unknown manufacturer, JJRC becomes a consecrate name in the world of multi-rotors hobbyists. They lunch new quadcopter...

Lian Sheng LS-128 Sky Hunter

Lian Sheng Toys produced over the time several micro RC helicopters. Now, they want to enter into the world of multi-rotors with their first...

Syma X5SC Falcon

Syma X5SC Falcon - Headless quadcopter The popular X5C gets his second upgrade. This time, the engineers from Syma added headless mode to this model of quadcopter. Compared...
JJRC H12C quadcopter with 5MP camera

JJRC H12C with RTH and 5MP camera

JJRC H12C - Headless Mode and Return to Home After H5C, H6C, H8C and H9D, JJRC announced a new quadcopter with headless mode and one key return to...

Galaxy Visitor 3 outdoor flight video

Galaxy Visitor 3 outdoor flight video. Some of the features that will help you for a spectacular and easy flight with this quadcopter: Anti-collision guard simply...

Galaxy Visitor 3 from Nine Eagles

This aircraft is a medium size quadcopter with a distance of 14-24 cm between each rotor. A highly developed 9-axis gyro stabilization system is the key to...