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Syma X8W Explorers

Syma just released another promising multi-rotor model, the X8W WIFI headless quadcopter. Actually, the X8W is the WIFI version of the X8C Ventura. The live video from the quadcopter’s WIFI camera can be displayed on any Android or iOS mobile device using the Syma FPV app.

Like the previous model, the Syma X8W will be available in 3 colors: black, white, and orange.

In my opinion, the biggest benefit of the Syma X8W is not just the WIFI FPV camera but the lifting capability. It has enough power to carry a GoPro or SJ4000 camera.

According to the specs, the Wi-Fi FPV range of the Syma X8W is about 50 meters and the control range is up to 100 meters.

I’m an X5C and X12 Nano owner and I can tell you that I have an only positive experience with Syma quadcopters, so I’m very curious about this new model too.

Syma X8W quadcopter features and specs:

  • Wi-Fi real-time video transmission;
  • Headless mode function;
  • 6-axis gyroscope;
  • Big sized quadcopter, suitable for GoPro alike action cameras;
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor flights;
  • LED lights for better orientation;
  • HIGH capacity Li-Po battery;
  • Flight function: raise & down, forwards & backward, left & right turning, left & right flying and hovering;
  • Flight range: up to 100 meters;
  • Flight time: up to 7 minutes.

Syma X8W package includes:

  • 2.4GHz remote controller with smartphone holder;
  • 7.4V 2000mAh Li-Po battery;
  • Wi-Fi FPV Camera;
  • 1set of spare propellers;
  • 1set of prop guards;
  • 4pcs of landing skids;
  • USB charging cable;
  • MicroSD memory card;
  • USB card reader;
  • Screwdriver;
  • Syma X8W user manual.


    • The FPV is integrated in the camera, so NO.
      But if your SJ4000 has WIFI FPV, you can enable it on it. Unfortunately the range will be only 15-25 meters.
      Anyway, I consider the SJcam too heavy, so you should look for a smaller camera like RunCam.

  1. My x8w flys great without the camera, after camera plug in, the props spin for a moment then nothing.
    any advice thanks

  2. Have one. Works great. I had long charge times with the supplied charger (junk) but I substituted a Tenergy Balancing charger and the battery plugs right in. Charged at 5A for 24 minutes and it was ready to go. A balance charge runs about 40 minutes with both cells at 4.20 volts. Once charged I am getting upwards of 10 minute flights.
    The FPV camera drops WI-FI once in a while but otherwise works great. I have about six hours of air time (thirty battery cycles and counting) and have only replaced the props. One motor sounds a little funny but, given the abuse I gave it (it is my first drone), it still works great. I may gut it and use the airframe for brushless motors and a standard flight control board but until then I will continue to fly it.

  3. Hello,
    Does anyone know if it is possible to just order the camera and use that for FPV, or is the WiFi in the quad itself??

    • The camera will work with any 5V source. It only uses the drone for power. Otherwise it is self contained and generates its own hot spot.

  4. I just tried using 3s lipo with this quad. Went up like a rocket with half throttle. Too much power like a brushless racing quad, but i never go full throttle and only limit to 3 minutes flight to avoid motor overheat. I think the board can handle it but the motor cannot.

  5. I just purchased the Syma X8W and have only flown it twice. When I put the battery in today the quadcopter acted like it was going to power up and then nothing happens. Is there a chance the battery is faulty or is there something wrong with the X8W?

  6. The Syma X8W is 100% similar with the previous X8C, all the spare parts are interchangeable. They replaced the standard camera with a first person view Wi-Fi camera.
    It has enough power to lift any GoPro alike action cameras so, is just perfect for basic aerial filming.

  7. Hi.
    How can i extedend the range of the x8w? There are some cheap brushless motors that will work on it? I want to use them because they are more realible!

  8. The new X8G was just announced. It comes with 5MP action camera but it not has a FPV system.
    Any other differences?

  9. This is my fun quad, just ordered for it a camera mount and I planning to use it together with my SJ4000 cam.
    Any alternative props for the X8W? Looking for a carbon ones.

  10. Chris, did you download the compatible app for the wifi camera?
    My android only downloads the link into pdf form. Really would like help to get all the software so i can order one for my X8C

  11. You can buy a lot of upgrades on the SymaToyStore, I bought wifi real time camera for 27 dollars.
    You also get a lot of stuff on helicom too

  12. Interesting quadcopter! Please can you share your full review about the X8W! I’m curios about the real control range and battery life.

  13. Hi, I just ordered the Syma X8W !! In the future, I will replace the brushed motors with brushless ones and I will add a 30A ESC’s. Also planning to buy a 808 #16 camera with a FPV transmitter.
    Marc, you can buy the X8W camera with wifi transmitter from the Syma’s website.
    ( sorry for my english )

    • Hello Maxime,

      I would also like to know where can I get brushless motors for the Syma X8W, because I already have to replace an engine.
      And did you also need a ESC (30A – brushless speed controller) to make it work?

      Yours sincerely,
      Arnoud Kusters

  14. hello..

    I have a x8C (without Video transmission)
    is it possible to upgrade it to FPV (X8W)

    I can’t find it on the website of Syma

  15. I’m a Syma fan, I own two smaller quads from them, so definitely I will order this new X8W.
    Please send me the URL where from I can download the Android app for FPV flights.


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