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Quadcopter test. I will torture test every quadcopter i got in my hand :). I will test their limits. How high and how far they can fly. Best quadcopter tests.

Eachine H8 Mini

Eachine H8 Mini quadcopter review

Eachine H8 Mini - Best quadcopter for every beginner As I remember, I paid $60 for my first multi-rotor. I never thought that a quadcopter can be much...

Summer’s quadcopter reviews

Summer's quadcopter reviews on www.firstquadcopter.com Being a Syma fan, I could not skip to test at least one model of the latest X8 series. Banggood already sent it to me...
Tarantula X6

Tarantula X6 quadcopter review

YiZhan Tarantula X6 - big toy for big boys I got this new quadcopter last Friday but only today I had the time and the...

DFD F183 review

DFD F183 quadcopter After I switched ON the DFD F183,  my first impression was that it has enough power and it's noisy as HELL! But lets start with the beginning. My...

Syma X5C spare parts

Syma X5, X5C and X5C-1 spare parts Unavoidable, after several crash lands, you will need some spare parts to repair your Syma quadcopter. After my last crash...

Can I fly with one dead motor?

Can I fly my quadcopter with one propeller or motor loss? Usually the answer is No! For redundancy you will need at least a hexacopter but, the best for...

JJRC 1000A micro quadcopter outdoor flight

JJRC 1000A features: Lightweight airframe with nice durability; 6-axis design makes the gyroscope adjustable, promoting flying stability; Integrated LEDs make flying in low-light or at night conditions; USB...

Syma X5C range Hack

Yesterday, finally, I had enough time to hack my Syma X5C transmitter. Why I had to make this hack risking to brick my transmitter? because...

Galaxy Visitor 3 outdoor flight video

Galaxy Visitor 3 outdoor flight video. Some of the features that will help you for a spectacular and easy flight with this quadcopter: Anti-collision guard simply...

Syma X5C Auto Cut-off test

Today, I read on the rcgroups.com forum about some complains regarding the auto cut-off issues on the X5C quadcopter. I decided to test this problem by...

UDI U839 Nano outdoors flight video

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DSFWULHQEQY The U839 from UDI RC Toys is a super mini size quadcopter, having the smallest volume and the lightest weight and featuring strong stability and...