Summer’s quadcopter reviews

Summer’s quadcopter reviews on

Being a Syma fan, I could not skip to test at least one model of the latest X8 series. Banggood already sent it to me and probably will arrive within two weeks. As soon as I get it and test it few times I will write my review. I want to compare it side by side with the Tarantula X6, that I already own. Some of the pilot owners of both aircrafts said that the X6 is more about fun of flying because is fast and agile and the X8W is dedicated for aerial videos because it’s very stable.

Recently it was released a new quadcopter camera, the Blackview Hero1 that is claiming to be a 2K Ultra HD camera. Having high frame rate (60fps at 1080p) I thought it would be a perfect mate for the X8 Syma quad for aerial videos.

I’m a little embarrassed because I received two weeks ago the JJR H8Mini quad for review and still didn’t have the mood and time to open the box and look inside (sorry Jacky, I promise that next week I will start to work on it). You know, summer is here and it is more fun to be in a pool and drinking a cold beer than stay in front of my computer and write the review. Fortunately every summer has rainy days,that are just perfect for such activities.

Upcoming product reviews in summer of 2016

  • JJRC H8Mini quad;
  • Syma X8W Wi-Fi quad-copter;
  • Blackview Hero1 quadcopter camera;
  • And hopefully the Cheerson CX22 FPV quad.

If you are interested in one of these products come back and check my latest quadcopter reviews.


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