Drones from $101-200

In this category you find many reviews about drones under $200. In this price range there are many type of drones. Under $200 you find versatile toy drones, but as well as pretty cool racing FPV quadcotper.

List of best drones under $200

ZLL SG108 PRO YAN 2: GPS 4K drone under $150

Photo of ZLL SG108 PRO drone
New affordable Mavic MINI alternatives are released almost every week. Today we will have a closer look at the ZLL SG108 PRO YAN 2,...

KFPLAN KF102: Mavic Air 2 clone under $200

Photo of KFPLAN KF102
In case you are looking for a Mavic Air 2 alternative under $200, the KFPLAN KF102 looks pretty convincing, at least on paper. It...

Kai One drone: Mavic Air 2 alternative under $200

Photo of Kai 1 Pro
Priced for only $199 the new Kai One drone seems to be an affordable Mavic Air 2 alternative. It has a similar backpack friendly...

KF100 GPS drone with 6K camera under $200

Photo of KF100 drone
For less than $200, the KF100 comes with all the latest features of its market segment. It adopts a backpack-friendly folding design, GPS position...

ZLL SG907 MAX aka Xiang 3: 4K 3-axis Gimbal drone

Photo of ZLL SG907 MAX
The upgraded ZLL SG907 MAX aka Xiang 3 comes with advanced features like a dual-camera system, GPS positioning, and multiple intelligent flight modes. All...

UDIRC i38S GPS enabled drone under 200

Photo of UDIRC i38S
From the first second, I see a new drone, I know that it is something newly developed or just a rebranded existing model. The...

SJRC F11 vs ZLRC SG906: Best drone under $200

JJRC F11 vs SG906 Beast side by side comparisson
Today we will have a detailed overview of the two most popular drones under $200 and make an in-depth comparison of the SRCC F11...

XLURC L106 Pro: Mavic Air 2 alternative under $150

Photo of XLURC L106 Pro drone
To be honest I was a bit clickbait saying that this XLURC L106 Pro is a Mavic Air 2 alternative. Excepting a similar folding...

M1 PRO GPS enabled EIS 4K drone

Photo of M1 Pro drone
The M1 PRO features a similar camera to the popular F11 4K Pro drone. It also has 2-axis stabilization, PTZ control, and 5GHz WIFI...

ZLL SG908 KUN 4K drone: Redesigned Beast

Photo of ZLL SG908 drone
ZLL, ex ZLRC bring on the market a new GPS enabled drone called SG908 KUN. Similar to the Beast series it features brushless motors...

Holy Stone HS470 4K Drone: A Beast Pro clone

Photo of HS470 drone
From first sight is obvious that the Holy Stone HS470 is a rebranded SG906 Pro 2 drone. It adopts the same classic 'Beast' design...