Kai One drone: Mavic Air 2 alternative under $200

Photo of Kai 1 Pro

Priced for only $199 the new Kai One drone seems to be an affordable Mavic Air 2 alternative. It has a similar backpack friendly folding design, 8K camera with 3-axis mechanical stabilization and excellent battery life. Of course, priced 4 times less than DJI’s drone you can expect the same set of features.

In order to allow stable hovering in any environment (outdoor and indoor), the GPS (satellite) positioning is paired with optical flow positioning (OFP). The powerful brushless motors provide Level 8 wind resistance. With folded arms, the Kai one measures 8.5x15x6.5cm.

Thanks to the fail-safe return to home (RTH) function, in case of remote controller signal loss or low flight battery voltage, the KaiOne Pro drone will return autonomously to the take-off point.

Being powered by a 7.4V 2200mAh battery it can stay in the air for about 25 minutes. The modular battery pack can be conveniently recharged using the included micro USB cable.

Price and availability

Starting with March 23, the Kai 1Pro can be ordered from Banggood with a starting price of $199.99. This price includes a set of spare propellers and a storage bag. For the fly more combo pack with 3 flight batteries, you will need to pay $245.

Kai 1 Pro camera specs

Kai 1 Pro drone features and specs

  • Mavic Air 2 like folding design;
  • GPS and Optical flow positioning systems;
  • Powerful brushless motors that provide Level 8 wind resistance.
  • 8K EIS camera with 3-axis mechanical stabilization;
  • Precise one key return to home (RTH);
  • Fail-safe RTH (Low battery and out of RC signal);
  • Smart flight modes (Custom Waypoint, Intelligent following, and Gesture control);
  • Up to 1KM of flight range;
  • About 25 minutes of battery life.

Battery life

Included accessories with the Kai One drone

  • Remote control w/ folding phone holder;
  • 2s 2200mAh flight battery (1,2 or 3);
  • USB charging cable;
  • Set of spare propellers;
  • Storage bag;
  • Drone guide.


  1. bonjour j’ai achetter le drone sa fait deja deux mois. j’suis pas mal satisfait c’est vrai que la qualité d’image laisse a desiré mais bon, vu le prix faudrais s’attendre a tous c’est commercial.
    mais la j’ai un vrai soucis. il ne vole plus disant que tous demarre mais quand vien le decolage, il reste scotier au sol et le coté droit se leves sans que le couté gauche ne réagisse mais les elices sont comme meme en marche.

    c’est du a quoi?

    hello I bought the drone it’s already two months. I’m not badly satisfied it’s true that the image quality leaves you wanting but hey, given the price we should expect all it’s commercial.
    but I have a real problem. he no longer flies saying that all are starting but when the takeoff comes, he remains scotier on the ground and the right side rises without the left side reacting but the elices are as even on the march.

    What’s the cause?

  2. Hey,

    Also ich weiß nicht wo euere Sorgen liegen.
    Habe das Teil jetzt 14 Tage und ich muss sagen, das ich mega zufrieden bin. Funktioniert alles einwandfrei, macht sehr viel Spaß das Ding zu fliegen. Okay, die Kamera hält nicht ganz was sie verspricht aber hey, für das Geld ist die Drohne absolut geil. Abgesehen von der Kamara die aber wenigstens etwas über HD kommt, Funktioniert ALLES einwandfrei. Selbst das Autonome landen am Startpunkt stimmt bis auf ca. 1,50m genau!

    Ich kann sie nur empfehlen.


    So I don’t know where your worries are.
    I have had the drone for 14 days now and I have to say that I am very satisfied. If everything works perfectly, it is a lot of fun to fly this thing. Okay, the camera doesn’t quite deliver what it says on the tin, but hey, the drone is absolutely awesome for the money. Apart from the camera which comes at least a bit over HD, EVERYTHING works perfectly. Even the autonomous landing at the starting point is accurate to within approx. 1.50 m!

    I can just recommend her.

  3. Do not buy!. The only thing that works very good is flying in Optical flow mode (indoor mode). GPS mode in open field goes all around, even with ( after 5 or more minutes waiting) more than 8 satellites) Video resolution is only 2K, 2688*1512, not 4K, the footage is very very shaky, EIS does not work at all! ON or OFF makes no difference….Photo shooting is good.
    2K Video quality not flying is also good.

  4. In one part of my city, I couldn’t get enough satellites and it wasn’t stable after launching. I went to a large open area I normally fly in, but this drone complained about magnetic interference before it became out of control and dove into the ground. My nearby car the cause? The plastic is cheap and the product seems delicate. Video from the camera gimble bounces around. You should pass on this one.

  5. I just ordered MJX Bugs 12 and wait for the seeker to ship the item.
    But what is this!! Cheaper and better?
    I really want some Kai One reviews if I made wrong decision

    • Dear Wichai,

      Are you Thai living in Thailand? I am also interested in Kai drone as it claims for 8K EIS camera. I have seen another brand claiming that they use a sony chipset for their camera. But since I joined their group. There were many complaints about it. Happy Songkran’s day.


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