RC832HD 5.8GHz HDMI AV FPV Receiver

RC832HD HDMI AV 5.8G FPV receiver

The RC832HD is a quite niche FPV gear. In a nutshell, it is a standalone 5.8G video receiver with analogue and digital video/audio out. This device can be used with FPV monitor/goggles which doesn’t have a built-in VRX. You can connect it even to a video projector which allows to share the fun of your flights with all your friends in real-time.

On front panel, the RC832 HD 5.8G receiver has a 2-digit display and two control buttons (CH & FR). It features a total of 48 reception frequencies (6 bands of 8 channels).

AV-out, HDMI out and DC-IN sockets are found on the bottom of the device. There is also a micro switch that allows to enable 1080P mode. Thanks to the wide range of input voltage (6-24V), it can be powered from 2S to 5S LIPO batteries.

RC832HD FPV receiver features & specs

  • Aluminium enclosure;
  • Two digits status LCD (one for CH and the other for FR);
  • Easy operation, only two control buttons (CH & FR);
  • Total of 48 Channels (A, B, E, F, R-race and L-Airwave bands);
  • Power-off memory (last used band and channel retention);
  • HDMI digital video out;
  • AV-out (Video + Audio RCA);
  • Wide range of input voltage (6-27V);
  • Compact size (80 x 65 x 15mm).

RC832HD accessories

Included accessories with the RC832HD 5.8G FPV receiver

  • SMA Standard Type Dipole Antenna (rubber ducky);
  • Stereo Jack to RCA AV Output Cable;
  • Power cable (JST).



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