Skydroid H12 FPV transmitter (5-30KM range)

Photo of Skydroid H12 RC

Similar to FLYSKY Paladin PL18, the Skydroid H12 transmitter is designed for industrial RC machines such as agricultural drones. It comes with a large, 5.5″ Full HD (1920×1080) screen and a high-capacity battery. According to the advertised specs, the built-in 10000mAh battery allows up to 20hours of continuous usage.

The Skydroid radio ecosystem includes the H12 transmitter, R12 radio receiver, and 3 types of FPV cameras (basic, with LED lights, and 1-axis gimbal).

Featuring FHSS spread spectrum technology with a strong anti-interference system it has a range of up to 30KM.

Skydroid H12 remote controller features and specs

  • Long-range FPV transmitter for industrial drones;
  • AndroidOS for drones;
  • Super scalability (S.BUS/PPM/PWM/Serial port)
  • FHSS spread spectrum technology (12 channels – 2.400- 2.483GHz);
  • Ultra-long datalink (5-30km);
  • Onboard Full HD 5.5-inch high brightness screen;
  • Built-ing 10000mA battery (6-20 working hours);
  • Type-C fast charging port;
  • Size of 190x152x94mm and 530 grams weight;
  • Can bind with R12 Receiver
    • Number of channels: 12
    • Working current: 140mA@5V
    • Working voltage: 4.5-5.5V
    • Size: 51x41x13mm
    • Weight: 14g
  • Compatible with MINIDCAM, 3 in 1 one FPV LED camera, and 1-axis gimbal FPV camera.


  1. Hi,

    I recently purchased an h12 controller in the uk, the seller went out of business.
    I can’t seem to get the receiver and the remote to be paired since I updated the tools app.
    Is there any chance you could send me the apk gif skydroid apps including the tools one?
    I have no luck talking to skydroid they ignore me

    • ANy Luck with the Bind? Connect RX to Battery. Short the Gnd-Mode Pins for a few Seconds. Green light start Flashing on the receiver.
      Run the H12Tool APP on the Radio. Go to frequency Bind. Green light will go solid on the RC. Done!!!

  2. Need help bad I’ve purchased a artist m900 drone and it’s h12 skydroid transmitter. Now it has a sim port and I bought a sim from six fab. OK now am having problems with setting my apn on my transmitter. I tried flying my drone without activating the sim card and unactivated apn. How do I go about correcting this. Thx.


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