iFlight Cidora SL5 FPV drone: 4s and 6s versions

iFlight Cidora SL5 drone

Like most professional grade racing drones, the iFlight Cidora SL5 will be available in two power options. While the 6S edition has XING CAMO X2306 1700KV motors, the “lighter” 4S version is equipped with X2306 2450KV motors. Both versions have same solid 215mm size carbon fiber frame and versatile SucceXF7 TwinG flight tower.

Being designed for long range FPV flights, the VTX has up to 1000mW transmission power. Thanks to the Tramp telemetry feature you can adjust power and channels remotely from your transmitter.

In addition to the frontal Caddx.us Ratel camera you can install an additional GoPro alike action camera.  

iFlight Cidora SL5 features & specs

  • 215mm 3K carbon fiber frame;
  • Popular Squish X configuration;
  • SucceX F7 TwinG BT Flight Controller (TwinICM20689);
  • 50A 4-in-1 ESC Dshot1200 (2-6S);
  • XING CAMO X2306 1700KV (6S) or X2306 2450KV (4S);
  • Nazgul 5140 propellers;
  • 5.8G/48CH (25mW/200mW/400mW/800mW/1000mW VTX power);
  • Caddx.us Ratel 2.1mm FPV camera;
  • Optional FrSky R-XSR, FrSky XM+ and TBS Crossfire Nanon RX radio receiver;
  • Cool arm lights;
  • 4S and 6S versions available.

iFlight Cidora SL5 drone design


    • For beginner and intermediate pilots, 4s should be just fine. If you want top-performance, super-agility, then 6s will fit for you. Most 6S drones can run also on 4s batteries, but with poor performance.


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