Moza Air 2S: Heavy-duty Camera Gimbal

The Most Powerful Gimbal for Digital Cinema Cameras!

Photo of MOZA Air 2S gimbal

Gudsen Technology, the market leader in professional image stabilization solutions, announced the launch of their most powerful 3-axis gimbal. The new MOZA Air 2S is the iteration of the MOZA Air 2 stabilizer, which was released two years ago. The Air 2S is an evolutionary upgrade of the previous model, featuring a whole new set of gimbal technologies.

MOZA’s newest stabilizer features a Smart Micro Handwheel that allows precision control of essential functions like pan, tilt, zoom, lens focus. Users can expect to keep stable and efficient shooting without having to stop tweaking a camera setting.

The MOZA Air 2S gimbal is equipped with the most powerful battery, a built-in 3200mAh high-capacity LI-ION battery, and can reach up to a 30W charging rate. It provides Air 2S with up to 20 hours of run-time and can be fully charged in 2 hours. An external power supply can also charge the Air 2S on the go by an independent USB charging interface.

High-capacity battery

It has a maximum payload capacity of 4.2kg (9.3lbs) and supports most mirror-less and DSLR cameras. Film from sunup to sundown in the most grueling conditions supported by MOZA Air 2S with confidence.

Moza Air 2S gimbal features and specs

  • Specially designed for digital cinema cameras (compatibility list);
  • 3-axis stabilization with the following mechanical endpoint range:
    • Pan Axis360° continuous rotation;
    • Roll Axis+240~-100;
    • Tilt Axis+180~-95).
  • 500-4500 grams payload range;
  • Built-in high capacity (4S 3200mA) battery with up to 20hours of working time;
  • Bluetooth remote control via phone APP;
  • Wide range of available accessories (Camera Riser, Hot shoe extension bracket, Follow Focus, and many more).

What’s new?

As a new upgrade version, MOZA Air 2S has an arsenal of innovative accessories ecosystem with an Arri Rosette, cold shoe extensions, and an M4 mounting hole. The universal extension bracket provides an effective way to expand the versatility of Air 2S. Microphones, supplemental light, sliders, monitors, and other accessories can be mounted with Air 2s to improve versatility and flexibility. From individual experts to professional teams, MOZA Air 2S provides limitless compatibility, comfort, and a full range of shooting system solutions, for all scenarios.

Smart Micro Hand Wheel

The new three-axis lock design of MOZA Air 2S allows easy access to custom balancing configurations and ensures more secure storage. The latch on each axis can be locked on the go without navigation through software menus.

The Gudsen Air 2S is built to last, even when the gimbal is subjected to the harshest, most demanding filming environments, the Air 2S will remain level to the horizon. The brand-new strengthened, engineered metal body of Air 2S provides higher quality and incredible stability.

Innovative quick-release system features One-Step Balancing

The Air 2S’s quick-release system features One-Step Balancing and is compatible with Manfrotto quick release plates. Simply go from a tripod to a gimbal in seconds. The One-Step Balancing hardtop ensures the camera is always mounted in the same spot every time. This means you won’t have to spend time correcting for the camera’s center of gravity. The Air 2S lets you pop the camera on and off the gimbal without worries of re-balancing.

Advanced shooting modes

The Gudsen MOZA Air 2S has advanced shooting modes like inception mode, FPV mode, sports gear mode, mimic motion control, and object tracking. Whether you are filming a wedding, or following the action of a fight scene, or just gazing at the stars, the MOZA Air 2S offers creative functions to allow you to unleash your creativity.

Just mount your camera to the MOZA Air 2S and in every shot, see smooth, steady camera footage. Capture the world’s wonder with the MOZA Air 2S, imagine what you can do with such a powerful film tool.

Price and avalailibily

Starting with May 11, MOZA’s newest DSLR gimbal can be ordered from their online store at a starting price of $499.


  1. I like the idea of a fishing reel-style focus wheel. It would definitely make focusing on the Moza Air 2 easier.


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