BetaFPV LiteRadio 1: Cheap Drone Radio Transmitter

BetaFPV LiteRadio 1

The BetaFPV LiteRadio 1 is a go-to starter radio transmitter for younger ones to join the FPV hobby. LR1 is affordable and perfect for smaller hands. Young adults and children can hold it with comfort. BetaFPV includes two types of sticks end with their new LiteRadio 1 remote controller. While the 10mm versions are perfect for thumb controls, the 16mm for pinch control. The transmitter itself measures about 130*78*57mm.

Priced for only $24.99 USD is probably the cheapest FrSky-enabled radio controller. It supports both FCC (US) and LBT (EU) protocols. Furthermore, it supports USB joysticks mode, which means that beginners can learn and practice through FPV drone simulators before they start a real flight. The RC has four shoulder switches and dedicated micro push buttons for Bind and Setup.

According to the advertised specs, the 3.7 1000mAh battery allows about 8 hours of continuous usage. The removable LIPO can be conveniently charged through the USB Type-C port.

Key features

  • LiteRadio 1 Radio Transmitter features a small size with an ergonomics design and anti-slip texture for adolescents or those who prefer to use a mini radio transmitter. It is more portable and convenient to carry.
  • Fully featured at a reasonable price, LiteRadio 1 Radio Transmitter is suitable for beginners to learn to fly drones and a good choice as a gift to kids or friends. Also, a more affordable opportunity for schools or training centers.
  • With the support of BETAFPV Configurator, you can adjust the channel settings, switch protocol or upgrade firmware for LiteRadio 1 on the configurator.
  • Build in CC2500 2.4G system, it supports Futaba S-FHSS/Frsky FCC D16/Frsky LBT D16/Frsky D8 protocols, which are mainly used in the market. LiteRadio 1 Radio Transmitter is compatible with many BNF quadcopters with such receivers.
  • Two grip styles for pilots, LiteRadio 1 Radio Transmitter comes with thumb stick ends out of the factory, which features a flat surface and larger space to be able to roll thumbs around. Besides, we prepare two pinch stick ends in the package for those who like to control between fingers and thumbs.

Removable stick thumbs

Technical specifications

  • Channel: 8
  • Frequency Range: 2.4G
  • 2.4G System: CC2500 TX module
  • Support Protocol: Futaba S-FHSS/Frsky FCC D16/Frsky LBT D16/Frsky D8
  • RF Output Power: 100mW (Frsky)
  • Transmission Distance: 80m
  • Support Firmware update
  • Battery: Built-in 1000mAh 1S Battery
  • Working Time: About 8 hours
  • Charging Connector: USB 3.0 Type-C
  • Size: 130*78*57mm

LiteRadio 1 status LED

The CC2500 TX module supports 4 different protocols, including Frsky D16 FCC, Frsky D16 LBT, Frsky D8, and Futaba S-FHSS. The current protocol is indicated by the flashing times of the red LED when powered ON, before the buzzer alarm.

LED Status Protocol Version
Flash once Frsky D16 FCC (ACCST 1.X Version) 
Flash twice Frsky D16 LBT (ACCST 1.X Version) 
Flash Three Times Frsky D8
Flash Four Times Futaba S-FHSS

How to change the current protocol?

Below are the steps to change protocol (Frsky FCC D16, Frsky D16 LBT, Frsky D8, or Futaba S-FHSS)

  1. Power off the radio transmitter;
  2. Press and hold the BIND button while powering on the radio transmitter;
  3. Then the flash times of the red LED before buzzer alarms will change, according to the tables above.


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