Coming soon: Caddx Tarsier 4K FPV camera

Caddx Tarsier FPV camera

In addition to the on-board 4K@30fpv video recording, Caddx’s new FPV camera, called Tarsier, claims to offer ultra-low latency. Like most actual smartphones, the Caddx Tarsier also features dual-lens system. While the upper “digital/DVR” lens has 150° field of view and 16/9 aspect ration, the lower “analog/FPV” lens has 165° FOV and 4/3 picture format.

Similar to other DVR FPV cameras, Caddx Tarsier also features split design. The camera module has 1200 TVL horizontal resolution and measures about 19 x 20 x 16mm. Thanks to the filter mount, you will able to use ND filters which are very useful when you are flying in strong daylight.

The DVR module requires U3 rated micro SD card and features multiple recording formats (4k@30fps, 2.7k@60fps, 1440p@60fps, 1080p@90fps and 720p@120fps). Through the Caddx FPV APP you can remotely set the video resolution as well as other camera parameters like: Image stabilization, Encode format, Explore, AWB, Metering mode and Time Stamp.

Caddx 4K Tarsier camera features & specs

  • Dual lens system (4K+FPV);
  • WiFi APP control;
  • Space saving split design;
  • 1200TVL analog horizontal resolution;
  • 150 degree digital and 165 degree analog  field of view (FOV);
  • On-board 4K@30FPV video recording (H265 video encoding);
  • Dual-audio;
  • ND filter capability;
  • Wide range of voltage input 5-12V.

Price & availability

On CaddxFPV website, the Tarsier 4K FPV camera is listed for $89.00. This price includes camera module, DVR board, lens cap and mounting bracket. At Banggood, it is also promoted for the same price, but unfortunately the status is “Preorder“ (expected processing time is May 24, 2019).

Caddx Tarsier camera size
Caddx Tarsier camera module dimensions
Caddx Tarsier mobile APP interface
Caddx Tarsier Mobile APP user interface



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