Cheerson CX-33W with WIFI control

Cheerson CX-33W tricopter

I first read about this CX-33W a few weeks ago and because of its unique design, it was hard for me to tag it. It has only 3 arms instead of 4, as usual for quadcopters, so I should call it a tri-copter? No, it is not that simple because it has motors and propellers on each side of the arms, in total 6. So actually the Cheerson CX-33W is a hexacopter!

The Cheerson CX-33 series has four different models. The airframe is identical for all models, the difference between the models is regarding the camera, remote controller, and FPV system.

  • CX-33 basic version without a camera;
  • CX-33C with camera and without a first-person view;
  • CX-33W with WIFI FPV camera and transmitter with smartphone holder;
  • CX-33S with 5.8GHz FPV camera and FPV monitor.

I would be interested to test and review one of these Cheerson multi-rotors. Because of its gravity control, I’ll probably opt for the CX-33W although the advertised 20meter Wi-Fi range seems to be very short. I’m very curious about what happens if one motor fails. Theoretically, this innovative design should offer some failsafe redundancy and prevent to fall from the sky like a stone.

Thanks to the atmospheric pressure sensor, the Cheerson CX-33w can take off and land simply by touching one button. This sensor also allows very precise altitude hold.

Wherefrom to buy it? You can actually find it with a 20% discount on HW’s website for $79.99. As usual, I recommend ordering at least one spare battery together with the drone for an extended fun time.

Cheerson CX-33W features and specs

  • WIFI real-time image transmission;
  • Dual control mode (with psychical transmitter and smartphone gravity control);
  • Compatible with both Android and iOS device;
  • One key to take off and one key to land;
  • Atmospheric pressure sensor for precise altitude hold;
  • Innovative Y shaped airframe;
  • 6 motor design;
  • Around 7 minutes of playtime;
  • 2s 450mAh Li-Po battery;
  • WIFI range: around 20 meters;
  • Up to 80 meters control range in an open field (with physical transmitter!).

Included with the Cheerson CX-33W

  • 1MP Wi-Fi camera;
  • 2.4 GHz remote controllers;
  • Smartphone holder;
  • USB charging cable;
  • 2pcs of spare blades;
  • 1 set of propeller guards;
  • Two screwdrivers;
  • Cheerson CX-33W user manual.


  1. Just wanted to voice my opinion on one of your products. The CX33 Hexacoptor.
    What a dog. I actually purchased two of these, thinking the 1st might have been a return, or just a ‘lemon’ These things happen.
    With a fully charged battery, it didn’t have the power to lift off. I removed the prop guards and camera module. Same thing.
    So. I purchased another from a different seller. It too had the same problem. I tried to ‘trim’ it out, but if it can’t even lift off, it can’t be trimmed.
    FPV is fantastic. Clear and crisp and good range.
    It’s really too bad, because of its unique shape and style, it could have been a game-changer. With 6 motors, 6 props, and 3 arms in a ” Y ” configuration, that was the selling point for me. It has a sleek, sporty, futuristic appearance and looks like it should be VERY FAST, even when simply sitting still.
    As I stated above, the FPV system is top-notch. The cam unit is self-contained ( minus a pwr source), and the All In One Rcvr/Monitor using 4 AAA batts is awesome.
    BUT…. an aircraft that can’t fly, really falls short of its intended use.
    Oh, I DO have a CX10, and a CX 30 FPV quad. The CX10 is meh, but the CX30 is awesome!!! Great FPV, agile, quick, hovers well, and durable I guess? Never crashed it, so don’t know.
    If you ever fix the bugs in your Hexacopter, let me know. Maybe I will invest another $50 or so.
    On a side note, I’m NOT a novice at all, with over 40 quads, co-ax, and airplanes in my fleet, I’m pretty sure we’re not talking pilot error.
    Sincerely, Brian from Alabama

  2. I have a cx-33w drone and the remote will not link up with the drone can u help me with this problem I have done everything in the book that came with it


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