Diatone 2018 GT-M3 Normal X and Stretch X

Diatone 2018 GT-M3 Stretch X 143mm and Normal X 130mm

Diatone just revealed for 2018 two new racing drones, the GT-M3 Normal X 130mm and the GT-M3 Stretch X 143mm. Checking the rumored images, I find out there is only slight  design difference between these two quadcopters. The price gap between the GT-M3 130mm and GT-M3 143mm is only $3.

Regardless the frame size, both Diatone 2018 GT-M3 drones are equipped with versatile F4 flight controller and 600TVL camera. Propulsion system is achieved by using 4 pieces of 1408 4000KV brushless motors equipped with 3 inch 4-leaf propellers.

According to your flight skill you can configure these racing drones with 3 different flight modes (Angle, Horizon and Air).

Diatone 2018 GT-M3 Normal 130mm and the GT-M3 Stretch 143mm features

  • Robust carbon fiber frame;
  • Aluminium CNC fuselage;
  • Versatile F4 flight controller with built-in OSD;
  • Multiple flight modes (Angle, Horizon and Acro);
  • Edge racing 1408 4000KV brushless motors;
  • F20HV 4S ESC Dshot600 4-in-1 ESC;
  • 3″ 4-leaf propellers;
  • G1. Sniper 600TVL camera with CCD Sensor;
  • 5.8G VTX TBS support (telemetry).

Both versions are delivered in PNP package. You will need to use your own LiPo battery, and radio system (receiver and transmitter).

Diatone 2018 GT-M3 Normal Plus

After the Normal X and Screeched X, Diatone announced a 3rd model of the GT-M3 series called Normal Plus. While it is also based on the F4 flight controller, the frame shape is completely different.

Diatone 2018 GT-M3 Normal Plus drone

Frankly, the design of the GT-M3 Normal Plus seems to be not just stupid, but also dangerous. As you can see in the image above the frontal motor is fully exposed for crash. Even if the arms are made of thick carbon fiber, they will surely break on hard crashes.



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