DJI Air 2S Combo vs Standard: What extra accessories do you get?

DJI Air 2S Fly More Combo vs Standard box

Today, DJI has officially revealed the Air 2S, a new mid-range drone with top-notch features. As you could read in our DJI Air 2S vs Mavic Air 2 comparison guide, this new model has been upgraded in all aspects compared to its predecessor.

Like all previous Mavic drones, the AIR 2S is also available in Standard and Combo package options. While the Fly More Combo box is marketed for $1299, the Basic box with the bare minimum accessories for $999. Let’s find out what extra you get for the extra 300 bucks.

With two extra flight batteries and lots more spare propellers the Combo pack fits for those are plan to fly regularity with the Air 2S. In order to allow convenient charging, DJI includes a charging hub that can charge all 3 batteries (in a sequence). Storing and transporting your drone with all the essential accessories can be done conveniently with the included stylish storage bag.

The ND filters are also welcomed in the combo pack. They allow you to regulate the amount of light coming into the 1-inch CMOS Sensor, so shots on very bright days aren’t overexposed. In the DJI Air 2S Combo, you get ND4, ND8, ND16, and ND32 filters.

What do you get for an extra $300? Difference between Fly More Combo and Basic pack

Included parts and accessories: DJI Air 2S Standard DJI Air 2S Combo
Aircraft 1 1
DJI RC-N1 Remote controller 1 1
Flight battery 1 3
Battery Charger + AC Power cable 1 1
Low-Noise Propellers (Pairs) 3 6
Camera Gimbal Protector 1 1
Type C cable 1 1
RC Cables (Lightning, Type C, and Micro USB) 1/1/1 1/1/1
Pair of Spare Control Sticks 1 1
ND Filters Set (ND4/8/16/32) 1
Battery Charging Hub 1
Battery to Power Bank Adapter 1
Shoulder Bag 1
Price $999 $1299

Is The DJI Air 2S Fly More Combo Worth the extra money?

To figure out if you should grab the more expensive fly more combo version, you have to think about how you will use the Air 2S and what all the accessories cost individually.

DJI Air 2S Combo extra accessories Quantity Price (total USD)
Intelligent Flight Battery (3s/3500 mAh) 2 $230
Low-Noise Propellers (Pair) 3 $33
Battery Charging Hub (3 batteries in sequence) 1 $59
Battery to Power Bank Adapter 1 $19
ND Filters Set (ND4/8/16/32) 1 $99
Shoulder Bag 1 $89
    The total worth of $529

DJI Air 2S Basic


The raw math shows that going with a combo box, you will make a good deal. Paying $300 more, you will get accessories in value of $529 – this is a saving of $229. The biggest advantage of the ‘fly more combo’ is that it allows you to fly for a longer time. If you plan to use the DJI AIR 2S commercially, then probably Combo is what you truly need.

On the other hand, if you are only an occasional quadcopter pilot, I think the basic pack will be just fine for you. There is no sense to invest more in a drone that you will use once a week or even less often. Anyway, if you need any of the combo’s extra accessories, you can purchase them later. Don’t forget to consider that DJI offers free shipping only on orders over $149.


  1. Have anybody bought this refurbished DJI Air 2S Combo from eBay not sure if it’s a good ideas for the money or just get a brand new standard pack with just the control and one battery for the same price

  2. I just ordered the Air 2S in “Fly More Combo” set. Super excited to learn, practice, and improve. What extra accessories and gear would you guys recommend I get to start? Interested more in safety accessories nothing for professional work

  3. I just purchased a DJI AIR 2S Combo as my first drone. I can’t wait for it to arrive! In the meantime, what flight do you recommend that I can practice on? I don’t want to crush it on the first flight…

  4. $99 for a set of filters that probably no one will use… go for the basic pack and buy a spare battery. this is all you need from the combo.


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