DJI Mavic Mini tutorials (How-tos)

DJI Mavic Mini tutorials

While the Mavic MINI is easy to fly out of the box, every newbie pilot should watch these tutorials. They will learn them not just to use different QuickShots modes but also how to safely take-off and land. My plan is also to share here undocumented tips and tricks.

Mavic Mini video tutorials

From learning to fly your DJI Mavic Mini to calibrating, how to pack the Mini’s case, removing the gimbal protector and from Quickshot modes to fail-safe RTH, we have it all! There will be also demonstrations on downloading and upgrading firmware and attaching propeller guards.

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How To Fly with Mavic Mini

The video bellow will show you the initial steps which must be done before take-off. Firstly,  explains how to prepare the remote (antenna unfolding, sticks and mobile phone attaching), than goes trough the aircraft preparation (unfoding arms, removing gimbal protector and loading the battery). The second part of the video will explain the basic flight movements and how to use the return to home feature.

Understanding QuickShot Dronie (Selfie) mode

“Dronie” mode allows to take aerial Selfies easily. Configuration of this QuckShoot mode is very simple, you just need to adjust distance and were the camera should point.

QuickShot Rocket mode tutorial

For “Rocket” mode, just like in case of Dronie mode you need to set up two parameters, max altitude and focus zone. The main difference between these two QuickShots modes is that the aircraft will go straight up instead of horizontally.

QuickShot Circle (Orbit mode) guide

Circle mode is a quite basic feature. Being used by many other drones, you are probably already familiarized with it. For this mode, you need to set up 3 things: radius, direction and focus zone.

How to Update your Mavic Mini’s firmware

It is essential to always use the latest firmware available. Updates brings not just new futures but also eliminates bugs from the older version. The video bellow is a step-by-step guide how to perform firmware upgrade on the Mavic Mini.

Propeller guard installation guide

This video was made by FirstQuadcopter, and shows you how to attach correctly the blade protectors without bending the sensitive propellers.

How to replace propellers on Mavic Mini

In case that one or more are damaged, cracked, distorted or the screws become loose, you should immediately replace the propellers. Each pair of spare props comes with its own set of screws (always use them!). The video bellow shows you how to remove the old damaged props and install the new one. As tool you will need only a tiny Philips screwdriver.

Video settings for pro level footage – How to set the perfect exposure on Mavic Mini

In the video bellow, Stewart will show you some tricks how to improve the quality of your aerial footage. Even without full manual control using custom EV settings and AE lock you can get impressive improvements.

How To Use The Smart Return To Home Function

The “RTH” features allows to bring back the drone by pressing a single button. It can be activated from the transmitter’s left button as wells as via the DJI Fly APP. Prior take-off you need the set the RTH altitude according to the fight zone, usually 30-50m should be fine. Also remember that if your drone is within 20 meters of you when you press the RTH button, it will land exactly where it is. Note: the Mavic Mini does not have an obstacle avoidance system!

How To Link The Remote Controller: Binding instructions

Whatever you purchased standard or combo Mavic Mini, the remote controller comes pre-linked with the aircraft. In case you lost or damaged your transmitter you will need to link (pair) the new one the with drone. Binding can be done in two ways: via APP or psychical RC button. Both linking methods are described in the video bellow.

How To Use The CineSmooth Mode

Mavic Mini features 3 different flight speed rates (CineSmooth, Position and Sport). While CineSmooth mode is optimized for aerial filming, the “Sport” mode makes the MM faster and more agile (responsive to controls). By default the drone starts in Position mode.

In a nutshell CineSmooth mode is based on Position mode with lower speed rate, making the drone more stable during shooting. The maximum flight speed is limited to 4 m/s, maximum ascent speed is 1.5 m/s, and maximum descent speed is 1 m/s.

How To Edit And Share Mavic Mini Videos With DJI Fly

The DJI Fly APP is a free powerful video editing tool with a simply to use interface. Using the included templates you can be your own video producer. It also allows to add filters and music to your Mavic Mini footage. When your are done you can share instantly your awesome videos.

Bottom line

You might still need some more help with all this, and we are here to help!

This article will be periodically updated in order to provide you with all details for an enjoyable flight. In case you created your own Mavic Mini tutorial or if you have any tip which should help other pilots, you are welcomed to share it here.

last update on 8 January 2020


  1. Mavic Mini HDR quick guide
    As unfortunately the Mavic Mini is not capable of shooting RAW images, you need some tricks to get better pictures. By combining multiple photos you’ll get an High Dynamic Range shot, also known as HDR. Find below my step-by-step guide:

    – first, fly stationary (best results near ground or when there isn’t much wind) then take a couple of shots with different exposures (you can adjust exposure by increasing/decreasing EV value);
    – Merge the shots through a software like Lightroom or other editors;
    – Once the pictures are combined and you have your HDR file ready, you can fine tune. Never over-edit! Try to keep it natural 🙂
    – that’s it, have fun!

  2. Everyone getting their battery to stay at 40-60% when in storage for more than 1 week? I took a battery down to 25% today and should I charge it till 50%t? Any tutorial how to store properly the MINI’s battery?

  3. What is the difference between 2.4ghz and 5.8ghz? There is range and stability difference?
    Any guide how to switch between 2.4G and 5.8g, btw I have MM CE version

  4. Here is probably the most wanted trick for the Mavic Mini, it allows to switch from CE to FCC. Yes, you will double the range :).

    1 . download and install “fake gps” on your phone
    2. enable and set moke location under developers option + set USA location on fake gps app
    3. check with google maps your location, it should show USA
    4. Run DJI fly APP (v1.0.1)
    5. Turn on AC and RC
    6. Go to transmission settings on DJI fly APP, should be 5.8G (channel 1-11 FCC)
    7. Now start motors and turn of fake GPS.

    BTW, it works only with Android phones!!! Also do this hack only at your own risk!


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