Coming soon: DTS GT200 FPV Freestyle Racing Drone

DTS GT200 FPV Drone

After I reviewed the Kopis 2 SE, I thought that it will be very hard to find another damn-near perfect FPV drone. At first sight, the DTS GT200 quadcopter looks even better. Its design is almost perfect in every aspect. Excepting the silver motors, prop nuts and camera, all the other parts are black. It features solid carbon fiber frame with arms of 5mm thickness.

The GWY GT200 drone comes fully assembled and professionally tuned. Being sold as PNP package (no receiver, transmitter and battery), you will need to install and configure your own radio system. The manufacturer suggests to use a 4s/1500mAh LIPO with their DTS GT200 quad.

By default, the Omnibus F4 flight controller comes with BetaFlight firmware. Good to know that the micro USB configuration port is located on the left side of the drone (between CH and Band buttons).

DTS GT200 quadcopter features

  • Pre-built and Professionally Tuned FPV drone (Ready to go right out of the box);
  • Easily accessible micro USB port & VTX buttons;
  • Solid 200mm sized carbon fiber frame;
  • Protective canopy;
  • Omnibus F4 SD flight controller with BetaFlight firmware (Version 3.2.4);
  • 2206-2500K bruhless motors;
  • 5.8G/48CH VTX with adjustable broadcast power (25/200/600mW);
  • RunXam Eagle 2 Pro w/ 2.1mm lens;
  • 5″ propeller compatible;
  • Suitable for 4S LiPo batteries;
  • Weights about 340 grams.

FPV system

In front of the drone is located a RunCam Eagle 2 Pro FPV Camera with 2.1mm lens. The real-time image transmission is achieved by using a 48CH/5.8G VTX (A, B, E, FatShark, Race Band & Low Race). According to your needs, you can toggle the broadcast power between 25, 200 and 600mW.

For more details check our recently published in-depth DTS GT200 review, it includes un-boxing and test flight video.

What’s in the box?

  • DTS GT200 carbon fiber frame kit (5mm arms);
  • Aluminum Spare Canopy
  • Omnibus F4 SD Flight Control with BetaFlight Version 3.2.4
  • 4 x 2206-2500Kv Brushless Motors;
  • 30A 4in1 BLHeli-S with Dshot 600;
  • 25/200/600mW Adjustable Video Transmitter (5.8G VTX);
  • RunCam Eagle 2 Pro FPV Camera (GWY Edition);
  • Nut Wrench Tool;
  • User Manual.
Needed to Complete
  • At least 6CH transmitter;
  • Compatible radio receiver (DSM /SBUS protocol);
  • 4S/1500mAh LiPo Battery (>50C);
  • 4S compatible balance battery Charger.

last update on 23 January 2019


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