DYS X230 racer quadcopter

DYS X230 racing quadcopter

DYS X230 racing quadcopter with HD camera

Dong Yang Model Technology aka DYS is a well known quadcopter and related products manufacturer. This DYS X230 is their latest product announced at the end of October and it claims to be a very good racing quadcopter.

The advertised control range is 1KM, witch is probably far enough for most of us. To achieve this long control range there are two rubber ducky type antennas on the top of the transmitter.

The angle of the integrated HD camera looks adjustable but nothing is mentioned on the basic specs whether can be made via the remote controller or only manually.

At first sight, this DYS X230 Quadcopter has only one “disappointment” for me which is around the flight time, only 10 minutes with fully charged 2200mAh battery.

DYS X230 highlights

  • TS823 wireless 5.8GHz real-time image transmission module;
  • 5.8GHz clover mushrooms antenna for FPV;
  • Onboard 3.4MP camera (based on the Aptina AR0330CS image sensor);
  • USB port for firmware upgrades;
  • Brushless motors;
  • 5030 propellers;
  • Up to 10 minutes flight time;
  • About 1KM control range in open field;
  • Max flight altitude: 500 meters;
  • Max flight speed: 30/s;
  • DYS X230 weight: 500g with battery.

DYS X230 package includes

  • 8Ch remote controller with two antennas
  • 11.v (3s) 2200mAh smart Li-Po battery;
  • Balance charger and charging cable;
  • Spare propellers (5030);
  • pins connection wire;
  • 1bag of screws.



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