Eachine VR-007 FPV goggles

Eachine VR-007 FPV goggles

Eachine VR-007 cheapest FPV glasses

Anyone who has flown a racing quadcopter guaranteed will look for a FPV goggles. Trust me, I did the same thing. I checked many models, but till this Eachine VR-007 I didn’t found any model under $70.

Based on my previous positive experience with the Eachine LCD5802S FPV screen, I can not wait to test this product too.

Compared to other FPV glasses, this VR007 by Eachine has a totally different approach: instead of two mini LCDs it has a single bigger one (4.3″). I don’t know if this design is better than the one of other models but definitely it reduces the production costs. However, it seems that the resolution of only 400 x 272 is too small to provide a great user experience.

The goggles incorporates a 40 CH 5.8 GHz A/V receiver, which is pretty nice because it doesn’t need to be purchased separately and wired up later.

On the front part of the goggles there is a RP-SMA connector witch serves to attach the included rubber duck antenna. Near the antenna plug there is a status LED and the frequency search button.

This FPV goggles is powered by a 7.4v Li-Po battery. Although the battery has the same format and plug like the classical 9V (PR3 aka 6LF22), it is not compatible with its charger. The 800mAh Li-Po can be re-charged via any USB port with the included USB charging cable.

In order to fulfill my curiosity regarding its quality and performance I’m planning to order one. Of course, after it arrives I will make a full review of this Eachine VR-007 FPV goggles.

Eachine VR-007 highlights

  • 4.3″ color LCD screen with 480×272 pixels;
  • Built-in 5.8GHz 40CH audio-video receiver;
  • “Lightweight ergonomic” design;
  • RP-SMA antenna connector;
  • External, easy to replace Li-Po battery.

Included with the Echine VR007

  • 2 pieces of 7.4 800mAh Li-Po batteries (PP3 format);
  • USB charging cable;
  • Eachine VR-007 user manual.


  1. I might be purchasing this goggles soon for my Eachine Assassin 180 and have a question. What would I need to do to setup the goggles up with the craft? Would I need to purchase any other components?

  2. Just got this cheap FPV goggle. After few tests I can say that works good connected to my Walkera 250(R) racer quad.
    For the price of $65 you cannot beat it. These are is just perfect for first time FPV pilots.
    In order to have better image quality I read somewhere that can be replaced the LCD screen of the VR-007 goggle. Any one can confirm this hack?


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