Ehang GhostDrone 2.0 Avatar

Ehang Ghost 2.0 Avatar

Ehang GhostDrone 2.0 with 4K camera and VR glasses

Few minutes ago a new professional quadcotper was listed on BG’s website. The Ehang Ghost 2.0 Avatar will be available in 4 different versions. The most expensive model together with a VR  goggles will provide an ultimate flight experience. Through the VR glasses can be set also the tilt angle of the camera in order to achieve the best field of view.

Adopting the same facing down propeller design, the look of this Ehang Ghostdrone 2.0 resembles the one of the previous Ehang quadcopter.

The 4K camera with up to 3840 X 2160 video resolution and 12MP photo resolution will allow to capture the journey of the flight. For the best results and steadiest videos the camera is installed on a 3 axis brushless gimbal.

Standard edition of the Ehang GhostDrone without gimbal, camera and VR glasses will cost around $500.

As soon as I will get more information regarding this ultimate quadcopter I will update this post. Honestly, I’m definitely interested to get one in my hand for review.

Ehang GhostDrone 2.0 highlights

  • 4K UHD camera (3840 X 2160);
  • 3 axis brushless gimbal;
  • Complete first person view system;
  • Avatar tilt control;
  • Head-tracking goggle;
  • Around 25 minutes flight autonomy;
  • Max flight speed:  35km/h with GPS mode and up to 60km/h in manual mode;
  • G-box communication: Bluetooth + Wi-Fi + 2.4 GHz Wireless data transmission;
  • Smart 4500mAh 14.8V Li-Po battery.


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