ELEGOO’s new Mars 4 DLP 3D Printer welcomes DIYers on a budget

DLP technology, Superb 3D printing quality, Ultra-quiet operation, 20000+ Hours Service Life, and Ultra-low Operating Power for only $500


ELEGOO’s Mars series gets a new member, a DLP (Digital Light Processing) version that promises reach details, long lifespan, and low power usage —all you can wish from a budget desktop resin 3D printer.

DLP and LCD resin 3D printers operate similarly, creating objects using a light source to cure the liquid material. The light source projects onto the resin vat, solidifying the material layer by layer. The ELEGOO Mars 4’s DLP projector adopts the LG high-performance LED light source + 13-layer lens set design, with light intensity up to 4mw/cm2 and light uniformity up to 95%, coupled with 95% light transmittance tempered glass, which minimizes light scattering and light bleed. The result is greater print accuracy than LCD 3D printers with the same resolution. According to Elegoo, the new Mars 4 has a 2K DLP projector with 2K resolution (2560*1440 pixels).

The most significant advantage of DLP 3D printers over LCD machines is the about ten times longer lifespan. While a typical LCD screen is rated for 2000 hours before it needs replacing, DLP projectors are rated for 20000 hours.

Despite that, the ELEGOO Mars 4 DLP has a relatively small build volume (132.8*74.7* 150mm), it is suitable for a wide range of applications in education, design, miniature, jewelry making, and dentistry. The external dimensions are 450 x 250 x 230 mm, slightly larger in every dimension than its predecessor, the Mars 2 Pro.

ELEGOO Mars 4 DLP: Key features

  • [Brand New DLP 3D Printer] MARS 4 adopts TI (Texas Instruments) DLP technology to project the 405nm beam directly and concentratedly onto the bottom of the resin tank with up to 95% light uniformity. Tempered glass replaces traditional LCD screens with up to 95% light transmittance, effectively reducing light diffusion and stray light interference. Meanwhile, the full-gray anti-aliasing algorithm dramatically reduces the jagged edges, making the model surface smoother and more delicate.
  • [2W+ Hours Lifespan] The service life of the DLP projector is as long as 20,000+ hours, 10 times longer than the 2,000 hours lifespan of an LCD screen, which means you will save a lot of maintenance costs for replacing your LCD printer’s screen.
  • [Low Power & Ultra-quiet Printing] 12W ultra-low operating power is energy-saving and eco-friendly, with about 1/7 energy consumption of LCD printers. Since lower power consumption generates less heat, there is no need for a cooling fan to dissipate heat, reducing print noise below 48 dB.
  • [More Stable Structure] The Z-axis linear rail is thickened from 15mm to 20mm, which effectively reduces the vibration amplitude during Z-axis movement and the layer pattern of printed models for better final print results. Sandblasted surface build plate with strong adhesion to improve the printing success rate.
  • [Smart Voxeldance Tango Slicer] Three printing modes are optional: static and dynamic modes (smooth and high-speed). In dynamic mode, the slicing software will dynamically adjust the printing speed by the printed model’s cross-sectional size to reduce the release force’s impact, thereby improving the printing efficiency. In addition, ELEGOO self-developed a new open-source GOO slicing format, which is compatible with multiple slicing software without restriction.
  • [Purified Printing Environment] The USB-powered air purifier with built-in activated carbon can absorb and filter resin odor to create a refreshing printing environment. Or you can choose the upcoming ELEGOO’s first large air purifier (210*247*410mm) designed specifically for the photocuring field, which can remove up to 95% of VOCs.(Need to purchase separately!)



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