ExpressLRS V3.0 is out: Best drone radio protocol is here!

ELRS 3.0

ExpressLRS V3.0 is an open-source radio system that focuses on range and latency. It’s also way more cost-effective compared to other similar long-range communication systems (eg. TBS Crossfire). The new ELRS V3.0 comes with new features such as 13 RF modes, 1kHz for the racers, and DVDA modes for lovers of perfect LQ.

In addition to the existing targets (supported hardware), now some new FOXEER and EMAX RX/TX modules appear in the compatibility list.

New Features available in ExpressLRS V3.0 

  • Wifi-based Betaflight Configurator through the RX (mobile and desktop versions)
  • Loan model – Easily loan your quad to someone else by effectively binding it to their TX from Lua or by bumping for TXes with accelerometers (Axis Thor)
  • Dynamic bind phrase – A loan not enough? Just type a new bind phrase in the web-ui to own the model forever
  • PWM servo output refactored – Allows per-output servo rate (50Hz, 100Hz, 160Hz, 333Hz, 400Hz) and massively reduced update latency over 2.x.
  • Lua config for receivers – Currently just telemetry power and diversity antenna select.
  • VBAT telemetry for PWM RXes – Not just the Matek converters, built into the native PWM RX itself
  • Lua shows TX Power / VTX Admin settings without drilling down. Current Model ID and Tlm bandwidth is shown as well
  • Updated web-ui with tabs and more options

Minor enhancements and fixes

  • New Lua file name: elrsV3.lua (V3 LUA also works with 2.x firmware as well)
  • Display warning message when baud too low for the selected RF mode
  • Long-press the button on receivers to reset RX config
  • Reduce handset sync margin – Reduces latency for all RF Modes by 0.3ms
  • Increased telemetry bandwidth – Makes things like RxBt and GPS position update more frequently
  • TX modules will not start transmitting until they receive a ReceiverID command from the handset or at least 5s from the first received channels packet. This prevents syncing using ModelID 0 on boot
  • Lua: Update sensitivity while changing packet rate
  • Lua: Don’t pause updating while in edit mode
  • Lua: Support touch events on popups, reduced code size
  • Safer updating of SwitchMode on the RX instead of ignoring it
  • Adjust VBAT scaling for 6ch PWM RX
  • Fix difficulty flashing Betaflight passthrough where target name was reporting a number
  • Allow TX to function with a failed accelerometer

New supported hardware (targets)

  • TX12 Target
  • Foxeer RX
  • HappyModel EP1 Dual RX
  • Unified ESP targets – Our internals are now set up to produce just one firmware image for all devices of the same type (all ESP32-based TXes, all ESP8285 RXes, and now ESP32-based RXes)
  • Integrated VTX – New receivers with the VTX combined on a single MCU, similar to the Happymodel Fyujon, but without the extra MCU for the VTX side. This will allow for AIOs with serial RXes, rather than SPI, thanks to us taking over the VTX duties and only using a single UART. Keep an eye out for the next generation of ExpressLRS AIO’s from your favorite manufacturers in the near future
  • Manufacturers and DIYers can find reference designs here
  • True diversity receivers with optional integrated VTx – working with manufacturers currently to make these
  • Manufacturers and DIYers can find reference designs here
  • Receivers with more PWM outputs – working with manufacturers currently to make these, 6ch, 8ch, and 10ch at least in pre-production
  • Use any (ESP8285) receiver as TX – Just for DIYers really
ELRS V3.0 backwards compatibility
  • This is a new major version, 3.x, and like previous major versions the software is incompatible with the previous major versions, ExpressLRS 1.x and 2.x. TXes running 3.x software only work with RXes running 3.x software– both sides must be upgraded. SPI RXes all currently run 2.x and will not work with a 3.x TX.
  • Users of SPI receivers (AIO boards) maintain compatibility with currently available V2 RF modes. Flight controllers can be updated from PR betaflight/betaflight#11783 or wait until merged into BF master.


  1. ExpressLRS V3.1.0 is now live!
    The new V3.1.0 brings support for the recently released Radiomaster Ranger lineup, as well as two new targets for Emax’s Nano TX’s, which come in both Team2.4 and Team900 flavours. We also have a new RX target for BETAFPV’s serial-based AIO receiver (which means you can get the FULL v3.x experience on your whoops!).


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