FEILUN FX137: Big bird for beginner drone pilots

FEILUN FX137 drone quadcopter

With the size of 52 x 52 cm, the FEILUN FX137 can be considered quite large drone. Unlike most of the toy drones, the motors are mounted under the arm (up-side-down) instead above the arms. Due to this design approach, propellers are closer to the ground, thus may hit the grass.

Headless flight mode allows beginner pilots to give up worrying about orientation altogether. Regardless of which way the quadcopter is facing, this feature ensures that the aircraft will always follow controls from your perspective all the time.

Thanks to the high capacity LiPo battery (2600mAh), it can stay airborne about 12 minutes. Not bad for such a big bird.

FEILUN FX137 features and specs

  • 4-axis frame structure with 6-axis gyro-stabilization;
  • Inverted rotor design;
  • High ground clearance;
  • Headless flight mode;
  • Dual speed rates (low/high);
  • Low voltage alarm on RC;
  • Up to 12 minutes of flight autonomy;
  • About 150 meters control range (in open field).

FeiLun FX137: Remote controller

As you can see in the image bellow, FX137 comes with a nice Futaba alike remote controller. According to FeiLun‘s specs, the control range is about 150 meters (open field with LOW RF noise).

FEILUN FX137 transmitter

On front panel, besides the usual control stick, you can find 4 control buttons (Photo/Video, Headless and Speed switch) and 4 trim switches. In addition there are two shoulder buttons, but they seem to be without any functionality.

Included with the FeiLun FX137 quadcopter:

  • 2.4G Remote Control;
  • 7.4V, 2600mAh flight battery;
  • Battery charger;
  • 2 sets of propellers;
  • 1 pair of landing gears;
  • Pack of screw;
  • Bag of accessories;
  • User guide (English).


  1. Hello,

    I do have situation, 9 moths ago I have bought a new Feilun FX drone, and I didn’t know, that on the box is QR code to use app on phone to control the drone. (I don’t have the box anymore and I have lost my QR code :()
    My question/help is could you send to me the QR code to use the Feilun FX drone? Also what app I have to use, to control my Feilun FX drone?

    Best regards,


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