Fighter 220 DIY FPV Racing quadcopter

Fighter 220 DIY quadcopter

DIY does not necessarily mean cheap. For the price of Fighter 220 you can find really nice ready to fly (RTF) racing quadcopters. Anyway, IMHO building your own drone doubles the fun and also makes you understand how these flying machines work.

Like most of the modern racing drones, the Fighter 220 is also based on the versatile F4 flight controller. Through the BetaFlight Configurator you will be able to fine-tune the PID values and to configure the desired flight modes.

The included FPV camera features 1/3″ Super HAD II CCD image sensor and 2.5 mm lens with 130 degree FOV (field of view). The camera is paired with a 40CH, 5.8G video transmitter with adjustable broadcast power. For short range (proximity park flying) you can set the VTX for 25mw and for long range flights for 300 mW.

In order to assemble the Fighter 220 you’ll need some tools: a basic soldering iron, couple of screwdriver and cutting pliers.

Fighter 220 features and specs

  • 3K carbon fiber frame;
  • Compatible with 3s and 4s Li-Po batteries;
  • Versatile F4 flight controller with built-in BetaFlight OSD;
  • Dedicated power distribution board;
  • Powerful SA2205 2600KV brushless motors;
  • High current ESCs;
  • 650 TVL camera with 1/3 inch Super HAD II CCD sensor and 2.5 mm lens;
  • 5.8G, 40CH VTX with adjustable broadcast power (0, 25 mW and 300 mW);
  • Status LED and Buzz alarm.

Fighter 220 frame kit

As you can see bellow, excepting battery and radio system (receiver and transmitter) the Fighter 220’s box includes all the components you need to build a flying machine.

Fighter 220 DIY kit parts list:

  • 220 mm carbon fiber frame kit
  • F4 flight controller (TM32F405 MCU and MPU6000 SPI) with integrated BetaFlight OSD;
  • Power distribution board (PDB);
  • 4 pieces of BLHeli – 32, 30A, DShot1200;
  • 1 set of 2300KV brush-less motors (2 x CW and 2 x CCW);
  • 2 sets of 5048 3-blade propellers;
  • 650TVL FPV Camera with holder;
  • 5.8G, 40CH VTX (wireless video transmitter);
  • Pagoda antenna;
  • LED & Buzzer board.


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