FIMI Mini 4K drone is here!!!

Photo of Fimi MINI drone

Starting with December 28, a new drone APP, named FIMI NAVI MINI, is available on the Goggle play store. This application was the first clue that predicts a new Xiaomi drone is coming in 2021. Shortly, new rumours appeared about the upcoming FiMI Mini drone, including a photo of it. According to the leaked specs, its design looks very similar to the DJI 2 MINI drone. Even its weight is comparable to this. In most countries, only drones under 250 grams are allowed to be used without registration.

I immediately contacted FIMI regarding the possibility of reviewing their new 4K MINI drone. They answered quickly and said that the first test units will be available in a few months.

The rumours say that the FIMI MINI comes equipped with a gimbal-stabilized 4K@30fps camera based on a 1/2.3″ image sensor. Like its bigger brother, it will feature Active Tracking and lots of other intelligent flight modes. The expected battery life is between 30 and 35 minutes.

Price and availability

After 4 months from the first rumour, the FIMI MINI is available for preorders from Banggood. Starting price for the ‘Standard’ edition is $449. To be honest for what does it offer is pretty expensive. DJI’s Mini 2 has much better flight characteristic and lots more smart features for almost the same price.


Update: Most of the leaks about the FIMI MINI proved to be true. It will have two colour options (orange and white) and two weight classes. The Standard edition weighs 258 grams and the Pro version 245 grams. The FIMI MINI Pro is not just lighter but it also has better battery life. The performance difference comes from the battery type is used. Its onboard HDR camera is capable to record 4K@30fps videos with up to 100Mbps. The excellent battery life (30 minutes) is paired with up to 8KM transmission range. In Search and Rescue (SAR) mode you are able to make 3x digital zoom.

Camera of Fimi MINI drone

Xiaomi FIMI Mini features and specs

  • DJI Mavic Mini like the design;
  • Pro and Standard editions (242g and 258g)
  • Type C USB charging;
  • Level 5 wind resistance;
  • 4K@30fps HDR camera with 3-axis gimbal;
  • 1/2.6″ image sensor;
  • Up to 100Mbps video bit-rate;
  • ActiveTrack and other intelligent flight modes;
  • Time-lapse and Panorama modes;
  • 30/31 minutes of flight time (Standard/Pro);
  • TDMA image transmission with up to 8KM range.

FIMI MINI color versions

Note: this article will be updated soon as new details are revealed about this upcoming Xiaomi FIMI drone.

Last updated on April 1st.


  1. I have seen a couple of test videos. The horizon was tilted, and the drone could not hold position while hovering. I think I will say skip to this Fimi Mini.

  2. Does anyone else here have Compass Calibration issues? I received the FIMI X8 MINI two days ago, and I didn’t manage to have a decent flight with it… So disappointing!

  3. My FIMI X8 MINI just crashed apparently for no reason. No wind, obstacles, and battery was 60%. Flight log shows gyroscope error…

  4. Just read that it is possible to control the Fimi Mini directly from your phone over WiFi. There is a tiny switch on the back that allows toggling between RC and Phone modes.

  5. All the FIMI MINI reviews and sample videos on YouTube are fakes!!! Xiaomi states that the X8 MINI mini will be officially released after April 15th!

  6. We need a lot more information before we can buy. I read that the first batch of review units was already sent out. Personally, I will wait for the first test videos before order them.

    • My advice is not to buy the Fimi Mini on preorder. Always better to wait and see some reviews before buying a hobby-grade drone.

      Also, the $399 price point is way too high. It will drops to ~300$ in a few weeks.

  7. $499 at BG???
    I expect $319 for FIMI MINI Pro and $309 for FIMI MINI Standard. Above this price, they will sell only for Xiaomi fans…

  8. I wrote this email to FIMI:

    Dear Sirs,

    I have been using your FIMI X8 SE and FIMI A3 already for two years. I translated FIMI A3 display texts to Czech language and I created my own web site for FIMI drones

    Now, I am expecting your information about your new mini drone and I am ready to order it immediately. And I am ready to translate all texts in APP to Czech language if I get original English texts.

    Yours sincerely,


    And I received this answer:

    2021-03-23 09:38
    Dear customer,

    Thanks for your email.

    pls keep stunned. It will be updated at the Aliexpress official store in April.

    Best wishes

  9. Prawdopodobnie ma się pojawić na początku kwietnia . Ale ile jest w tym prawdy ?
    It is likely to be released in early April. But how much truth is there?

  10. To be honest I’m not very satisfied with the design of the x8 mini… Not attractive to me… I would expect something more innovative…

    • Hi, actually I don’t understand one thing how do you guys flying with Xiaomi drones?? I have changed my Samsung phone and to get new app for new phone no chance from Google play ???So then i am hanging in the air right now. Any help?? Thanks

  11. Xiaomi needs to price the FIMI MINI Fly More Combo for less than $300 with 3 batteries and case if they truly want to compete with DJI in the sub 250g market segment.

    • Como puedes hablar de precio, si todavía no tienes prestaciones??
      Quizás pueda estar por encima del mini 2
      How can you talk about price, if you still don’t have benefits?
      Maybe it can be above the mini 2


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