FIMI X8 SE 2022: Features, Specs, and price

FIMI X8 SE 2022 - Keep Evolving!

FIMI X8 SE 2022

The third generation of FIMI X8 SE 2022 comes with some significant upgrades and a higher price as well. Xiaomi replaced the 1/2.6″ CMOS sensor with a larger 1/2″ one that provides better low-light sensitivity. 

In terms of design, all the X8 SE family models look the same. With folded arms measures 204 x 106 x 72.6mm and weighs 765 grams (including battery and propellers).

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FIMI X8 SE 2022 is compatible with the 3 most popular satellite positioning systems (GPS, GLONASS, and BEIDUO). Xiaomi advertises the new X8SE 2022 that can be used in light rain and moderate snow conditions.

Price and availability

The 2022 edition of the FIMI X8SE drone is available for $689 on Banggood. This price includes a remote controller, one flight battery, and a pair of spare propellers. The expected shipping time starts on October 13.

FIMI X8 SE 2022 main features and technical specs

  • Mature, stable design, more than three years on the market;
  • Powerful brushless motors with level-8 wind resistance;
  • UHD 4K camera with 48MP 1/2″ SONY CMOS image sensor;
  • 3-axis mechanical gimbal;
  • HDR video and photo modes;
  • Intelligent flight modes (Smart tracking, Flight planning, Circular flights, Timelapse, Panorama, and SAR);
  • Rain- and Snow -proof;
  • Up to 35 minutes of battery life;
  • 3rd gen RokLink communication that provides up to 10km range.

48MP camera

FIMI X8 SE 2022: New 48mp camera

The upgraded Sony 1/2″ 48MP CMOS sensor, bringing a large 1.6μm pixel size based on the “Quad Bayer” pixel filter, can effectively reduce noise during nighttime aerial filming. Built-in Sony native exposure control with signal processing technology ensures a 4x higher dynamic range than traditional CMOS sensors.

With the support of HDR videos and photos, the X8SE 2022 drone makes your shots look stunning by preserving the original details, light, and color tones of your scene or subject. Its HDR capabilities take the visual experience of any video content creator to an entirely new level.

Its 3-axis mechanical gimbal adopts the 3rd generation LOS stabilization algorithm with high precision control and an accuracy of 0.005° to perfectly eliminating jitters in real-time.

10km transmitter

FIMI X8 SE 2022: Up to 10KM range

The upgraded 3rd generation RokLink high-definition digital image transmission system with adaptive stream-encoding technology provides a superior transmission distance of up to 10km and lower latency. By comparison, the older TDMA 2.0 system provided about 8KM range.

Together with the X8 SE 2022, FIMI introduces a new smart controller with a built-in screen. Flying a drone has never been so convenient or offered a more professional flight experience.

FIMI X8 SE 2022: Battery life

Similar to its predecessor, the 2022 edition is also powered by a 4500mAh/51.3Wh battery which provides up to 35 minutes of flight time. Wind resistance was improved from level 5 to level 8.

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